Living With Intuition

In this hour-long conversation with Candy Hozza, we have a wonderful time discussing the nature of the Akashic Records, and what it means to live a spirited, intuitive life.  There are so many great nuggets of wisdom – many of them unplanned! – and we were both “in the zone” which makes it difficult to remember all the good stuff we are sharing here…  You will find answers for:


  • What are the Akashic Records?
  • Why access the Akashic Records, and how?
  • How can an intuitive life change you, and enhance your experience?
  • Why foster creativity and intuition in children?
  • What type of healings Candy and Jaz offer?
  • What mischief have Candy and Jaz gotten into?…  🙂

We at least touch on each topic, even our giggles and spiritual experiences together.  This is a nicely rounded hour, so grab your fav beverage, get comfy, and join us in spirit via video!


For the free gifts of meditations Candy refers to – please visit her website, go to the Contact page and send her an email with the subject line “free gifts”.  She will send you an MP3 of both her “Limitless” meditation, and the recording of her Healing Circle aired live on December 9th 2016.  Here is the link: