Magic Unfolds

Phew!  What a ride!  I’m now at the tail end of a magical vortex I swirled in motion in June during the Summer Solstice – and I know it’s the beginning of a brand new adventure!

At the Summer Solstice, friends and I met around a bonfire and practiced the intention-setting, raising of energy, and Goddess work to which we had been apprenticing ourselves all year.  We called in Goddesses, cast a circle, drummed and danced around the fire.  We released our magical intentions to the Heavens.  We laughed, shared delicious chocolate and ale, and had a grand time chatting and just being ourselves.

My intention was set on a debt reduction strategy, which included this house that had just gone up for sale.  I didn’t fully believe I could purchase this house, given that my business is so new and I no longer have my government salary to back up the purchase.  Yet, I felt the calling of this house and put the solution and the unfolding in the hands of the Goddess – especially Juno Moneta.

This magic required me to let go of many things…  My belief that I should do it all on my own.  My lack of trust in the Divine.  My fear of lack of money.  My feelings of undeserving.  All the “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” that were racing in my mind and fluttering with anxiety.

I stayed grounded.  I took long walks.  I blew wishes with countless dandelions, smiling with all that white fluffiness in the air that reminded me of all the abundance and magic that is available to each of us when we allow it to flow in our lives.

A month later, the owners chose to lower their asking price.  I contacted my real estate agent and immediately started the cleaning and cord-cutting in our current home.  We purged old stuff, painted, decluttered.  As I was going through the physical aspects of the cleaning, I was also thanking the house for 12 great years, and clearing our energy imprint from walls, floors, windows…  One month later, we were ready to sell, and the house sold in less than 7 hours.  By the time the Autumn Equinox rolled around, we were receiving the keys for the new house and emptying the old house.

My finances are now in better shape.  I required help, asked for it, and received what I needed.  (Huge lesson for me!) I am in awe and filled with gratitude for all this magic.  I’m standing stronger, more joyful, and more aligned with my soul’s gifts.  I am completely in love with the view of the River, the leaves of the chestnut tree, golden against the grey sky (it’s rainy today), and all the animal totems that show up in my backyard and in my dreams.

Take a look at my new office/healing space:


All this happened with ease, grace and flow.  All this happened because I opened myself up to possibilities.  It happened because I trusted, and chose to listen to my inner calling instead of my fears.  It happened because I chose to ask for, and receive the help that was required — both spiritually and in this physical world.

This is a huge life shift for me, and I’m certain I’ll be feeling the ripple effects for months to come.

This shift is also calling me to serve you in a new way.

I’m not absolutely sure what that is, yet… and I choose to not force out the answer.  Just like the magic that happened for my house, I choose to allow the new magic to flow naturally and beautifully.

What has surfaced so far is the addition of online meditations (YAY!  Connecting with you from all over the world in magical healing meditations!).  The name of my main program has also changed from “Intuition Development” to “Goddess Pathways” to discover and honour the Goddess working within and through each of us.  I am also firm now that my classes are offered to women only.   Online meditations are open to all – but Goddess Circles are now sacred space for women only, to cultivate our richness, our power, and our magic.  There will come a time when we can co-create with males…  but not yet.

The best is yet to come.  Can you feel the tendrils of change and magic in your life, too?  Are you ready to just let it flow?  Are you ready to receive?