Making a Magic Mojo Bag

In my Facebook community, I’ve been posting every day since early December and sharing actions and reflections.  The objective is to do an energy cleanse before the Winter Solstice.  This time of year is very special and sacred to me.  I enjoy working on releasing old energy and clearing old karma, to make space for new creations.  As for all spiritual and magical practices, it’s good to follow the seasons and their natural energy.  In the longest nights of the year, I find comfort in self-reflection and healing, and this gives me a good sense of direction for the year ahead.

Today’s invitation is to create a “magic mojo bag”.  The purpose of this magic mojo bag is to have a physical reminder of what you want to energize in the weeks, months, year ahead. This exercise will help bring your desires into the physical form. You will carry it with you in your purse, pocket or briefcase. Every time you see it or feel it, smile and say a quick prayer of gratitude. Ask your Guides to show you the most aligned way to manifest your desires. What is your next right action?

You will need:

  • a small bag tied up with a ribbon (about 2 inches square; easy to find at dollar stores – look in bridal section or party favours. You can easily make your own too of course 🙂 )
  • your list of what you want to manifest
  • your list of gratitude (100 things you’re grateful for)
  • your theme (the energy or quality that will guide your actions)
  • your letter of co-creation with Universe
  • objects you have gathered during walks in Nature, and objects of special significance — that can fit in the pouch! This can be seeds, herbs, crystals, photos, pieces of bark, trinkets…
  • your good mood and energy. Never ever work magic if your mood is foul or out of anger — unless you want to experience the results in the form of negative karma…
  • altar cloth, candle, incense, music…



  • Play meditative music, or music that is aligned with your theme. For instance, if your theme is “more vitality and energy”, then play music that makes you move and groove…
  • Place all your items and lists on a special cloth in front of you
  • Light a candle, burn incense, … use all your senses to bring you to that special heart-space, ready to work with the divine.
  • Say a prayer of gratitude. Talk to your Guides and thank them for their presence. Read your letter to Universe, reaffirming your desire for divine co-creation. Feel the energy of your theme, and how much you desire that experience.
  • Use your imagination and intuition to reach for the first object to place in your pouch. State why you’re placing it in your pouch. Is it to remind you of a quality such as strength, compassion, self-care? Is it to attract love, abundance, travel opportunities?
  • Continue filling your pouch with items until you feel it’s complete. Remember to place each object with consciousness – meaning that you know why you’re using each object.
  • Once you feel complete, tie up your pouch with 3 knots. One know represents you and your willingness to co-create; one knot represents your guides; the third knot represents the divine and the magic that can unfold from your divine partnership.
  • You can say this rhyme, or create your own:

By the power of three times three
I work to align with my divinity.
Spirit guides, divine angels and my gatekeepers
Add your strength and blessings to my prayers.
Guide my steps, my choices and actions
So I empower divine manifestation
I willingly choose this journey
And the co-creation of my destiny
For my highest good, and the highest good of all
My wishes activate with love and joy.
Blessed be.

Enjoy this process. Do you have questions or would you like insights for your theme, your strengths, or what to put in your pouch? Book a “let’s talk” session! Only a few places left before the holidays!
Much Love,