Meditation: 4 of Wands

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Recording Date: November 25, 2016

I love meeting you online and bringing you channeled-on-the-spot meditations.

This month’s theme will weave in the energy of change, with the energy of finding joy.  I picked a Tarot card as guidance for this meditation, and the Four of Wands from Ellen Dugan‘s “Witch’s Tarot” jumped out of the deck.  I explain this card and how the four elements will be present to help us find wisdom and help us move through the seasons of our life.

As you journey with this guided meditation, remember to observe your thoughts. I will be asking you a few simple questions as we go along; remember to take the first answer that comes to your mind. There are no wrong answers. The answers might seem silly or unusual, but just accept them as they are… they may make more sense later on… What is important in this journey is to feel the answers, and to allow them to enter your consciousness. It’s not about making sense of things or figuring out everything you will see or hear or feel… leave that for later, in your journal…

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