Meditation: Connecting With Your Witchy Self

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Recording Date: October 28, 2016

From the cauldron of Creation, arose the Goddess-Witch, who chose to experience Herself in many forms…

With Halloween approaching, it’s a great time to reconnect with your inner Witchy Goddess. Who is she to you?

She is that part of you who is ready to play with magic and Energy. She stands up for you and your highest good. She infuses you with courage, self-love, and dignity. She takes responsibility for her creations, and knows she’s never stuck in a creation for all comes in cycles and earthly creations can be undone and reshaped.

Are you ready to step into this energy?

Are you ready to receive messages from your inner witch, and learn about your strengths, your intuition, and which of your creations need to be undone or focused upon at this time?

Are you ready to play and uplevel your consciousness?

This meditation will help you establish a stronger communication with your higher guidance system. You will be meeting with the Goddess, in her many forms. This meditation will help you:

  • receive insights on a life situation from the Goddess’ perspective
  • create a strong bond between you and the Goddess
  • understand where healing is required
  • learn how to draw more strength, courage and resilience
  • bring wisdom to your life

As you journey with this guided meditation, remember to observe your thoughts. I will be asking you a few simple questions as we go along; remember to take the first answer that comes to your mind. There are no wrong answers. The answers might seem silly or unusual, but just accept them as they are… they may make more sense later on… What is important in this journey is to feel the answers, and to allow them to enter your consciousness. It’s not about making sense of things or figuring out everything you will see or hear or feel… leave that for later, in your journal…


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