Reiki Level 2

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Level 2 – Intermediate

In Mentored Reiki Level 2 Training Program, the focus is placed on deepening your connection with Reiki energy and on gently developing your psychic skills. The second degree focuses on healing at the mental and emotional level.  The symbols you will receive assist you in healing past lives, negative patterns, and addictions.  You will become better at mastering your own karma, and guiding others in their own journey of healing.


You will:

  • Receive sacred symbols and additional attunements that: increase the flow and power of Reiki; heal mental and emotional symptoms; and allow you to perform Reiki at a distance and through time
  • Develop your intuition
  • Strengthen your connection to Reiki
  • Learn more about the chakras and energy balancing
  • Practice cord-cutting
  • Learn how to bless objects and events
  • Learn to give Reiki sessions as a professional practice
  • Receive your Level 2 Certificate

At Reiki Level 2, you are learning to use your intuition more and beginning to be guided by your Reiki guides in spirit. Here you will feel direction from spirit and the connection to Divine Source. Level 2 is a leap in the self-realization process, bringing increased sensitivity and intuitive awareness. The decision to take Second Degree is a point of consenting to the ongoing process of personal awakening and ascension. You are amping up the volume of your capacity to direct Reiki energy, and be in your Light.

The key advantage of this Mentored Training Program is the focus on the experience. The meditations and assignments will help you develop a deep connection with the energy of the symbols so that you may better recognize and work with their energetic signature. You will be better able to integrate the higher vibrations of the symbols, and you will gain focused experience and knowledge on how to direct these vibrations in various healing scenarios.

Other benefits include support from me between classes via a private Facebook group, and opportunities to develop your network of like-minded colleagues.

You must have completed all classes and assignments of Mentored Reiki Level 1 to take this course.

Your assignments for Mentored Reiki Level 2 include the completion of:

  • 9 symbol-specific case studies
  • 7 full body hands-on sessions on others
  • 3 distance sessions for others
  • 3 distance sessions for animals
  • 3 distance sessions for the planet and world events
  • 11 self-healing sessions for the future
  • 11 self-healing sessions for the past

Your assignments also include receiving:

  • 3 distance sessions
  • 3 full body hands-on sessions.
    *These sessions are typically done as an exchange with an other student

You will need to complete case studies and assignments every month to help you with your continued practice. These are the key elements that will help you grow your confidence and your ease in using Reiki and its sacred symbols. In the event that you are unable to complete the assignments within the timeframe of the Program, you will still receive your certificate – with the understanding that you will complete the assignments before being accepted in Reiki Level 3.


Here’s an overview of the LESSON PLAN

(10 hours of class time + the time your need for your assignments)

Introduction to Level 2

  • Review of Level 1
  • Self-Treatment
  • About Level 2
  • Meditation with Reiki Guides
  • Introduction to working with chakras
  • What are symbols, and why use them

The Power Symbol

  • Reiki for physical wellbeing
  • Energizing intentions and manifestations
  • Attunement & meditative discernment practice
  • Practice on each other

The Mental & Emotional Symbol

  • Reiki for mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Attunement & meditative practice
  • Cord-cutting and aura balancing
  • Practice on each other

Distance Healing Symbol

  • Sending Reiki for distance healing
  • Healing the past; blessing the future
  • Journeying through time to heal root causes of present-life issues
  • Attunement & meditative practice
  • Practice on each other

Putting it all together…

  • Reiki share using all the symbols & chakra work
  • World healing practice
  • Starting your Reiki practice – dealing with clients, ethics, setting up your studio
  • Graduation & certificates

Your investment for this 5-month Mentored Reiki Level 2 Training Program is:

Pay in full in advance: $697
OR – Payment plan: $150 each month (x5)



Contact me for details and dates.