Messages from beyond

Last evening during Reiki class, I taught distance healing. I instructed my students how it feels when there is an opening and permission to proceed with distant energy work, and what it feels like when it’s a “no”.
I shared the story of Kobe, one of my neighbours’ dog, a beautiful black lab mix who just loved to eat everything and anything until his intestines got twisted and plugged up. Since Kobe was always in the front yard, he often received Reiki and blessings from me. One evening, when I offered Reiki, he walked away. I knew he was in distress, yet I felt pushed back. I asked again for the flow of energy to go to him, and again I felt the push back and blocking. I respected his wishes, sent him Love, and continued with my day. As energy workers, we must always respect our client’s wishes – whether our client is human, a pet, a wild animal, a tree, a flower, an insect, a lake… Free will must be respected.
The next day, Kobe passed away while in surgery. Although Reiki could have helped with pain management and preparation for / recovery from surgery, Kobe elected to not receive healing. He just wanted Love. He was ready for his next adventure.
Last night after class… a work of synchronicity. At around midnight, as I was contemplating the stars and enjoying the cool night outside, and out of the shadows appeared a black dog with a red collar. He was so silent; I never heard his steps in the grass until I kinda freaked out with the sudden apparition 😉 He was very gentle and friendly. This dog was having a fun midnight adventure! This was like a “hello” from Kobe, and a “thanks for remembering me”. This was a real dog, too, not a ghost — in case you’re wondering, lol. Even if the message came in the form of a different dog, the spirit and energy of Kobe were very present.
Love continues and lives on forever. Synchronicity is one of the ways our departed loved ones let us know that they’re not actually that far away. Loving thoughts always bring us closer.
Here’s to Love. Here’s to messages from beyond. Here’s to that deep knowledge that we’re never really alone – Spirit orchestrates wonders for us all the time.
What messages from beyond have you received? How did it make you feel? How do you feel your departed loved ones?