Monday Manifesting (week of June 25 2018)

Good Moon-day, lovelies! It’s time to take a nice, deep, cleansing breath all the way to your belly. Exhale and release the Moonday morning jitters.

Now, write down ONE goal for this week. Make it good!  And yes, do write it down, don’t just keep it in your head. The act of writing it helps you release it from the mind, so magic manifestation can happen.

Once it’s written, your mind will see it as more real than just a thought, and will help you find the right aligned action + time to do it.

  • What do you want to magnetize to yourself this week?
    How do you want to feel?
    How is this bringing you closer to your big-picture goal?
    How does it bring joy to your life’s journey?
    What gift from Goddess/Universe would you LOVE to receive?
    How can you be more open to receiving?

The card that came up to guide us this week, from Denise Linn#SoulCoachingOracleCards is “Passion”. The affirmation is:

“I passionately accept and love myself!”

  • How will you follow your bliss this week?
  • Which part of you are you willing to bring to the light?
  • Can you see that this thing you dislike about you can actually be a strength or a gift through the eyes of Love?

Mmmm… enjoy the journalling process. Savour the moment. Smile as you dream.

Now, crystallize all this in one short statement.

Got it? And so it is; so it shall be, for the highest good of all, with gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.

Need help dealing with your shadow self to move into more self-love and acceptance? Or finding a soulful strategy to manifest your objectives? Or needing validation that your dreams and goals are a good match for your soul as opposed to what your ego wants you to believe? Reach out, message me, let’s chat. xo

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