Transformational training in the arts of

mystery, magic, and sacred rituals

A 9-moon immersion into the great mysteries of the Tarot & the Divine Feminine


***In-person program starts on New Moon, Thursday October 19th, 7-9PM***

Welcome home to your soul!

Let your journey of remembering begin.

The time has come...
To reawaken your spiritual gifts, to find the courage to be YOU, to share your voice.

The time has come...
For you to rise up to your full potential, and make peace with your shadows
To heal yourself, then to heal the world.

Will you answer the call of the Goddess, the call of your soul?


  • If you know there’s more to life than meets the eyes – and you're ready to tap into your Intuition and Spiritual Gifts...
  • If you know you have healing gifts – but you don’t know how to bring them out and use them…
  • If you want to develop your psychic abilities – and you want to do this in a way that is safe, and with the support of a sisterhood…
  • If you know that bringing the change you want to see in the world starts within you...
  • If you’re seeking guidance & training that supports you every step of the way, and not a weekend fling…
  • If you're ready to APPLY all that knowledge you have on the law of attraction, manifestation, spirituality and psychic abilities...
  • If you're ready to journey deep within yourself, with the universal and ancient wisdom of the Tarot and world Mythologies to enhance your very modern life...



Is this for you?  Chat with me and find out

I am very much looking forward to connecting with you to help you uplift your energy as you learn to make peace with your psychic skills, and learn to use these skills for the highest good!  This Program will teach you all the basics of living with Intuition and Purpose - AND I will be guiding you through powerful meditations to ground, clear and empower you to your best self.

In the Mystic Priestess School, you are gently introduced to energy work and will develop your skills in channeling and conducting high-level energy. You will experience a strong shift in your awareness of your own intuitive powers. Most of all, you will unlock your ability to heal yourself and gain the ability to feel safe, centered and divinely guided in various situations.

We will have fun exploring the realm of energy and ancient Mysteries as you gain confidence in your ability to feel energy with your physical body. You will learn to connect with Goddess Energy. You will also learn foundational knowledge about the life of a healer, wise-woman, sage, white witch, priestess...  : coming out of the spiritual closet, self-care, self-healing, and daily energy routines.

The Mystic Priestess School is designed to help you gain a deeper level of self-awareness and self-love, as you learn about ancient tools and rituals. You will reconnect with the timeless part of your soul, that longing in your heart that already knows that you can change the world when you change yourself -- and that this power is already within you. This is a school of re-awakening.  Everything you need is already within you: you simply need to remember that it's there, waiting for you to reawaken to your own wisdom!

The one thing that is of utmost importance for me is the PRACTICE!  So many people love taking class after class to learn new tools...  but then come back to "real life" and don't know how to make time to integrate and apply what they have learned.  Their head is full of knowledge, but they still feel they can't "do it", "see it" or "sense it"...  In this class, I give homework (I call it "OHM-work") - and I expect to read about your progress, questions, challenges and celebration moments -- there's a special and private Facebook group for that.  At the end of this program, I expect you to feel more confident and fluid in your application of energy work in your daily life, because I will have given you a structured way to learn and integrate energy work to transform yourself and your life for the better.

...and to meet my expectations, you need to commit to do your OHM-work.  I can not transform you: this is a pathway you must choose for yourself!  You are responsible for your application and learning.  I will provide you with tools, guidance, support, sisterhood, healing energy.  You must be willing to walk the path.

Here's what some of my graduates have to say about the Program:

"I recommend this Program because it will help you look within at what you may or may not know about yourself.  Jaz is an amazing person, coach and facilitator.  She is very knowledgable and understands what each person in the class needs to help them grow.  I highly recommend her courses to anyone searching for more in life."  -- Pat K.

"I loved this Program, and I am a better person because of it.  Jaz works with you over time to ensure you understand the concepts and you work hands on.  With practice, you gain confidence in this field and in your life."  Shirley G.



"This Program helped with inner peace.  It showed me how to bring out my gifts.  It helped me make life changes, and I learned a lot." Shirley H.




It is your birthright as a woman, as an incarnated spark of the Divine, as an extension of the Goddess -- to feel empowered, connected, abundant, confident and inspired… but it’s up to you to claim it.

You are here because you’ve felt a stirring deep within – a call at times subtle and at times tempestuous, to explore the ancient art of the feminine and reawaken it into your daily life.

This feeling can take many forms.

Perhaps you…

  • Have lost touch with what you want and who you truly are… and you know it's time to rediscover your Truth
  • Crave deeper connections with women who support and empower one another… cooperation over competition
  • Can no longer tolerate the feeling of disconnection you see all around you, and you are ready to reconnect with the rhythm of nature, your body and yourself
  • Want to find a better balance between your head-space and your heart-space; your productivity time and play time; your strategies and your time to flow; planning and being...  through meditation, self-reflection, ritual and ceremony
  • Know you have gifts to share with the world – and are ready to bring them forward with confidence and grace

All of this can be yours.

Are you ready to reawaken the deep and ancient feminine wisdom that is already within you?



… to dive into the deepest parts of myself, and integrate shadow and light.

… to honour the seasons of my life, women's cycles, and the cycles of nature, with reverence and ritual. remember, celebrate and share the stories of the Goddess.

… to emerge from a deep transformation, empowered, and fearlessly sharing my gifts with the world.

This vision guides my life, my decisions, and how I design my programs for you.

My background weaves together lessons and healing from a Catholic upbringing, a bachelor's degree in communications, a career in training and development... and the strong,  unending soul thirst for more spiritual life that feels authentic and true.

I have studied mythology pretty much since the day I could read.  I would research ancient practices, folklore, and beliefs instead of playing with dolls.  No matter my environment or the people sharing my life, I always knew deep inside that there was more to the spiritual realms than what was formally taught in church and in school.

I trained in Reiki, shamanism, Tarot & Oracle Cards, and the Akashic Records.  I went on a life-changing pilgrimage to Brazil.  I have a habit of trusting the next step, even though I don't know where it will bring me.

What I bring you is a body of work that is anchored in both the practical & logical AND the intuitive & magical.

Whether you’re a young woman wanting to live your life with more spirit than generations before you; a mother who is ready to rediscover herself now that your kids are more independent; a reiki practitioner; a tarot enthusiast; a yoga teacher; therapist; entrepreneur; business diva; or goddess warrior…

Whether you're just starting on your journey of self-knowledge and empowerment, or whether you've been on the healing path for many moons...


You are deeply needed right now!
Your voice, your experience, your desires to heal yourself and heal the world are valid and necessary in this time of world transition!


You can feel it in your heart and soul that you are meant for something more...

This is your time to reawaken, and rise!

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Who is a Mystic Priestess?

She is a woman who takes a conscious journey with her soul to...


  • Remember that she is a SOUL, a spark of the divine, having a physical, embodied experience.
  • Become a bridge between the sacred and the mundane; between the what is invisible and the tangible.
  • Reclaim her magic.


  • Remember her own wisdom, her inner truth, her magic.
  • Know herself in Light and Shadows, so she can stand empowered in neutrality.
  • Learn to balance both intuition and logic; passion and reason; meditation and action.


  • Protect and cherish all that she loves; not from a place of fear, but from a place of abundance.
  • Revitalize her creativity.
  • Deeply reconnect with Nature.
  • Birth her true self, her desires, her projects into the world


  • Lead and empower others through her sense of wisdom.
  • Recognize the difference between ego talk and spirit talk.
  • Consider new options and move beyond "feeling stuck".
  • Build a new reality, a new paradigm, a new legacy.


  • Further her understanding of herself, and of the world.
  • Figure out where to look to find the answers to her soul stirrings.
  • Retrieve lessons from life's challenges.


  • Love herself deeply and unconditionally.
  • Commit to her own dreams and passions.
  • Enjoy a nurturing relationship with Spirit.
  • Understand her role in co-creation.


  • Heal the stories and mindsets that don't serve her highest good.
  • Find her own spiritual expression.
  • Overcome adversity, obstacles, and spiritual blocks.


  • Find inner peace.
  • Cultivate harmony.
  • Recover her strength, and go through life with poise and grace.
  • Remember her playfulness.


  • Take stock of her knowledge, skills and gifts.
  • Find inspiration everywhere she looks.
  • Discover the true vision for her life.



My role here is certainly not to force you or coerce you to take this journey.  My role is to hold sacred space for you, and invite you in so when you feel ready to answer the calling of your soul -- I am here to journey with you and light your way.

Take a deep breath and look deep within yourself…  Honour what you find.  Are you feeling butterflies, a soulful "yes", an excitement, a truth resonating in your bones?  If yes...  there’s only one question left:

Will you answer the call?


The Mystic Priestess School follows the cycles of the moon in the timing of our jourey: we will always start with fresh intention and information at the New Moon.  The weeks leading to the Full Moon are used to build your information, skills and self-knowledge, while the weeks after the Full Moon are used to release blocks and fears.  You will have time before the next New Moon to integrate the cycle's lessons.

The Tarot sets the tone and key lessons for our journey.  We will follow the Major Arcana and the mythological / archetypal journey of enlightenment and self-actualization.  Each card of the Major Arcana are a gateway to greater self-knowledge, and to find the next right action, the next right step on you path.  The Hero's journey is timeless and universal -- and it's yours to follow.

As you consciously move through the Tarot, the lessons will awaken and illuminate each archetypal energy within you – and ignite your inner wisdom to gracefully and confidently navigate all aspects of your life.

Year 1 Curriculum


New Moon, October 19
Full Moon, November 4

  • Creating the Circle.
  • Ceremony of Empowerment.
  • Soul Vision with Cerridwen to recall your inner magic, and why you might have kept it hidden.
  • Feeling into energy.
  • Universal Law of Mentalism.
  • Crafting your personal vision.


New Moon, November 18
Full Moon, December 3

  • Ceremony of Crossing the Veil.
  • Spiritual Grounding.
  • Spiritual Neutrality.
  • Calling in Sacred Space.
  • Universal Law of Correspondence.
  • Soul Vision with Persephone.
  • Finding your Medicine.


New Moon, December 18
Full Moon January 1
(class date to be determined)

  • Womb Ceremony.
  • Psychic Protection.
  • Universal Law of Rhythm.
  • Soul Vision with Gaia.
  • Sacred Element: Earth.
  • Refining your vision or project.


New Moon January 16
Full Moon January 31

  • Ceremony of Leadership.
  • Soul Vision with Ganesha.
  • Recognizing the difference between ego talk and spirit talk.
  • Karmic boundaries and responsibilities.

New Moon February 15
Full Moon March 1

  • Ceremony of Integration.
  • Soul Vision with Athena.
  • Universal Law of Polarity.
  • Principle of Contrast.
  • Spiritual Ethics.


New Moon March 17
Full Moon March 31

  • Ceremony of Inner Marriage.
  • Soul Vision with Isis and Osiris.
  • Universal Law of Gender.
  • Principles of Attraction, Magnetism, and Manifestation


New Moon April 15
Full Moon April 29

  • Ceremony of Empowerment.
  • Soul Vision with Boudica.
  • Universal Law of Vibration.
  • Sacred Element: Fire.
  • Refining your focus with aligned action.


New Moon May 15
Full Moon May 29

  • Ceremony of Mastery.
  • Soul Vision with Brigid.
  • Universal Law of Karma.
  • Sacred Element: Water.
  • Overcoming Egoic Resistance.


New Moon in June 13
Full Moon June 28

  • Ceremony of Celebration
  • Soul Vision with Shakti
  • Sacred Element: Air.
  • Consolidation of the year's journey.
  • Envisioning next steps.
  • Releasing the Circle.

Each New Moon Cycle follows a natural, steady rhythm...

New Moon

  • Email: PDF of lesson, recommended resources and reading
  • 60-minute Live Circle with Jaz: Soul Vision guided meditation; activation of Tarot Archetype; Q&A

First Quarter Moon

  • Week of growth
  • Journalling and Altar Work
  • Discussion forum

Full Moon

  • 60-minute Live Circle with Jaz; Live group ceremony; live Q&A and spiritual coaching
  • Personal ceremony
  • Meditation for centering and releasing

Last Quarter Moon

  • Week of integration and embodiment
  • Discussion Forum
  • Act of service
  • Sisterhood accountability

Your time investment:

  • 1 hour per week to review lessons and material
  • 1 hour per week for OHM-work and journalling
  • 2 hours per month for Circle gatherings (it is preferable that you come Live to the online Circle, however they will be recorded for you to listen at your best time.)
  • Some time each week, to your discretion, to post your experiences in the online forum, read others' posts, and participate in discussions.

Your financial investment:

  • Pay in full for all 9 Moon Cycles:  $1997 CDN


  • Payment Plan: 9 payments of $225 CDN

Love Notes from Clients and Students


With the focus of this Program being your personal and spiritual transformation, its true value cannot be measured in lessons or calls.  Your effort and commitment will play a big role in how much you receive from the teachings, and from the group.  From teaching this and similar programs for the past 5+ years, I know that the ripple effect will empower you in many areas of your life. I know that more joy, wisdom, harmony, and confidence are  yours to develop with the spiritual guidance you will receive!

Are you ready to reawaken your Soul?



On the day of the New Moon, and before our Live Circle Call, you will receive an email with the topic of study for the moon's cycle.  Each lesson focuses on one of the Tarot's Major Arcana archetype, and how it pertains to the Priestess.  Each archetype holds different empowerments for the Mystic Priestess to carry into her everyday life.



These emails can include reading material, Univeral Law training, prompts for self-inquiry, songs, prayers, rituals, mantras, oil and incense recommendations, and much more.



Live calls with meditation, practical tools and exercises to help you integrate and activate each of the 9 Tarot archetypes in your work as Priestess. Includes Divine transmissions. These calls will be recorded; you will receive the download one day after the live call.



Live calls with meditation, group ceremony, guidance for your own personal Full Moon ceremony, group coaching, Goddess transmissions, and Q&A.  These calls will be recorded and you will receive the link to download on the day following the call.



One of the greatest gifts in developing as a Priestess is the firm knowledge that you are no longer alone on your path.  Meet with kindred spirits and develop your network of Soul Sisters.  Receive feedback on your "OHM-work", experiences, and insights through a private Facebook group.



When you register on or before the full moon on October 5th, you will receive 9 x 30-minute private calls with Jaz - a value of $675!!  This is perfect if you need to work through specific spiritual or mindset blocks and restrictions; ask private questions about your soulful development; require specific healing work; or would love to have a more personal touch to your journey.

Schedule a conversation about your registration by clicking the button below.

Year 2 Curriculum

The journey of enlightenment will continue in Year 2 with the next cycle of Tests and Trials and Spiritual Growth, guided by the Major Arcana cards:

  • Wheel of the Year:  Seasons of change; honouring life's seasons; the magic of Nature; Fate & Free Will
  • Justice:  Seeking the Higher Good; Finding balance & harmony; Developing trust in the Divine
  • The Hanged Man: Breaking old patterns and finding new perspective; Concept of surrender; Overcoming "martyrdom"
  • Death:  Transformation through renewal; Rites of passage; the Phoenix
  • Temperance: Finding inner peace; Developing patience in the process of manifestation; Trusting the flow of life
  • Shadow World:  Owning your story instead of running away from it; Helping communities own their history to effect deep healing; Finding balance between the sacredness and the chaos of life; Releasing shame
  • The Tower:  Celebrating breakthroughs, shifts in perception, transformation, and new personal understanding.

More information will be provided to you once you complete your Year 1 Journey.


Year 3 Curriculum

The journey of enlightenment will complete in Year 3 with the cycle of Attainment, guided by the Major Arcana cards:

  • The Star:  Being a bearer of hope; Prosperity magic; Renewed clarity and faith in your soul's mission.
  • The Moon:  Emotional healing; Facilitating journeys through the collective consciousness; Akashic Records
  • The Sun:  Learning the right use of compassion and power; Creating safe healing spaces; Attainment of happiness.
  • Judgement:  Cosmic awakening; Life Review; Karma & Destiny.
  • The World:  Fulfilling your soul purpose; Trusting your spiritual guidance and Highest Self; Creating soul journeys for healing.

More information will be provided to you once you complete your Year 2 Journey.