Tired of the roller-coaster ride...  starting projects and having big dreams with so much excitement... taking a few actions... then feeling stopped in your tracks and dropped down a fear elevator?

Had enough yet of being confused about what to do next... because you want to do things the "right way" and be on the "right path"... and you don't know if you're listening to Spirit, your Higher Self or ego?

Tired of playing small...  knowing that there's more to life, more to YOU but feeling that the gap between where you are and where you want to be is just too wide?

Ready to explore your chakra centres and look at your Truth in the eyes?

Ready for self-exploration, where you are guided to find your inner wisdom; connect with your intuition at a deeper level; find crystal clear clarity about your next right action toward your goal or dream?

Ready to gain unshakable confidence and make enlightened choices in your life and biz?

Craving more inner peace, harmony, balance and flow as you learn to love and integrate all the pieces of YOU?

Transformational Program, starts on October 26th!

9 weeks online class loaded with info & exercises to
help you reconnect with your inner compass! 

Are you ready to stop your cycles of self-sabotage?

Are you ready to stop the confusion, inner struggle, and start-stop patterns keeping you from living your dream?

If you're here, I'm willing to bet you have big dreams.  You know deep down you're magical (even if you don't admit it out loud).  You would love to change your job to something that is fulfilling, meaningful... and lucrative.  You want to improve your love life.  You want to be a better, more supportive spouse, parent, partner.  You want to do something really, really good in the world, and build on the legacy of more love, more peace, true empowerment for everyone.  And you want to have amazing psychic abilities to guide your life to its highest potential.

...BUT you feel stuck, confused, not good enough.  You know there's something big that wants to be birthed through you and you just don't know how to get it out to the world.  Worse, you don't believe  you're up for the task, or deserving enough of all this goodness.  You might even think that dreams like that are for others... but not for you.

And every day where you don't take action toward your dream or your big goal, you loose a little bit more confidence.  Your inner critic gets a bit stronger.  You get a bit more sad, or confused, or stressed.  Procrastination on your dreams becomes your way of life, and it's frustrating the heck out of you.

Am I right?  Thought so.

You're not alone!  Every day, I speak with women who are so incredibly loving, patient and caring.  They have so much talent and wisdom.  But they don't see it.  They don't believe it. They can't hear their inner guidance.  It might look/sound/feel like this:

  • "I just don't know the difference between the voice of ego, and the voice of Spirit.  How am I supposed to know which voice to follow when they sound the same?"
  • "Who am I to think or believe I could have these things?"
  • "I hate feeling the stress and false urgency that my ego creates - but it's so hard to ease in the flow of life!"
  • "How am I supposed to know which action to take next?  I'm not getting a clear "yes" on what I should do next."
  • "Couldn't Spirit just tell me what I should do next? Couldn't I just get a clear map? Do I have to keep guessing all the time?"
  • "I keep trying new things and get really excited - and then things fall apart, or I stop."
  • "I am really good at meditating on what I want to do, and I feel it in my whole body... I just can't seem to get myself off the couch/meditation mat and actually DO my divine mission."
  • "I'm sooo confused!  I'm supposed to desire what my soul wants; but I've always been taught desire is evil.  How do I know I'm doing the right thing and not walking down a dark path?"

What if you no longer procrastinated on what was important to you?

What if you found balance between inner reflection and aligned action - so you don't burn out from overdoing or feel stagnant or resentful in inaction?

What if you you had a system to make friends with your ego, instead of wasting energy in inner struggle and drama?

What if you felt so clear about your next right action, nothing could stop you?


Are you ready and willing to work WITH ego
instead of fighting all the time?

You likely have done a ton of personal and spiritual development work already, you may have achieved some amazing things in life, career or business.  You probably work really hard, have high expectations, and keep fighting the inner urges to stop striving and find Easy Street.

But there are some nasty voices and energies within you that are nagging you.  Over time they become power leaks that keep you from fully stepping into what you really want.  You might feel you are now at a crossroads, with a big change ahead, and you just don't know which way to pick -- and the inner nag isn't making it easy for you either!

What if instead of fighting the inner nag, you could relax into your heart space for a moment and invite her in?

Understand this: your ego has a purpose.  It doesn't serve you to try and push it away, or transcend it, or pretend it's not there.  Your ego is here to keep you safe, and it has important messages for you about your safety and your survival!  The more you ignore it, the bigger it will sound the alarms!

So the big problem with ego is what you do with it.

You can choose to spend all your energy trying to push it away... and then deal with increasing drama, fatigue, stress, and inner noise.

Or you can learn to listen to its messages and find ways to compromise with "The BIG Dream" so it feels safe and do-able.  Because let's face it: the Big Dream is not fully anchored in now-time and can sound very woo-woo aliens got you and the witch will eat you kinda thing.  The Big Dream doesn't really have a plan, and there's a big chance you'll fail.  Or change your mind.  Or not stick with it - again.  Your ego's job is to keep you safe and avoid disappointment.  Like a over-doting mother, it wants what's best for you, love.

Ego can be so good at convincing you to stay safe, to do the same thing you have always done, that the devil you know is better than the devil you don't... Ego has so many convincing, logical reasons for why not to take those leaps or risks, for why now is not the time. For why you can't afford it.  For why it's not for you.  And all that makes your Spirit roar in rebellion!  Right?

But this fight and rebellion only creates more fear and drama -- not the magic you're looking for!

I have been working with people's egos and soul's for over 5 years now. I know that every single time a woman takes a leap of faith, trusts her inner feeling, and follows through with appropriate action...  even when her ego is telling her "not the right time, not aligned with my money, that's crazy, too busy"...  well, MAGIC HAPPENS.

Lives change.  Relationships become more easeful. Money magically lines up.  Perfect clients, contracts or travel opportunities show up out of the blue.   

The moment you say YES to your soul is that one lynchpin that can change everything for you.  The moment you can commit to changing your emotions, your vibrations, your thoughts, your behaviour... is a moment where miracles can replace the drama.

So if you want to experience big, profound changes ... breathe into this.  You have to listen to your ego... but you can't let it run the show.



Here's what you'll learn in my brand-new "7 Voices of Ego" program:

  • How to tell which voices are from ego, and which voice is from Spirit or your Higher Self.
  • How to make your ego your willing and supportive ALLY in transforming your life.
  • How to find motivation on demand, so that you take action towards what you want.
  • How to grow in more self-love and self-confidence.
  • The secrets of how to end self-sabotage and procrastination, once and for all.

What? Wait!  Did I just say "voiceS of ego" as in PLURAL form?

Isn't one ego voice enough??

Yes.  Yes- I did say that.  No wonder hearing the voice of spirit can get complicated when it's being drowned by SEVEN VOICES OF EGO!

The fact is that the voices of ego come from patterns, beliefs, and old wounds found in each of the seven major chakra centres.  Each voice is coloured by a specific vibrational frequency which influences  your life-force energy.  Each voice wants to inform you about your physical health and safety; your creativity; your power; your capacity to love; your self-expression; your imagination; and your connection with Source.

When you learn to listen to these voices, you are able to discover wisdom and healing deep within you.  You will know exactly what to do to take appropriate action, to self-care, to pursue or pause your efforts.  You will learn how Spirit and ego work hand-in-hand for your highest good. You will be able to quantum leap into your best self!

Here's what you'll find in the curriculum of this 9-week transformational program.

  • Defining ego & its purpose
  • How instincts can work FOR you instead of AGAINST you
  • Defining archetypes & how they foster wisdom, understanding and healing
  • Process: opening to your inner wisdom

You will receive a PDF and exercises on Monday.  The Live Call, Q&A and process is scheduled for Thursday October 26th, 1:30PM EST.

  • Your ego through the lens of the Root Chakra
  • How to recognize and work with your ego when it's digging in its heels because it doesn't feel safe
  • The archetype of the Mother
  • The archetype of the Victim
  • Process of reclaiming yourself & stepping back in the vortex of easeful grace and abundance

You will receive a PDF and exercises on Monday.  The Live Call, Q&A and process is scheduled for Thursday November 2nd, 1:30PM EST.

  • Your ego through the lens of the Sacral Chakra
  • How to recognize & deal with your ego when it's blocking your creative juices due to shame, guilt, or resentment.
  • How to say YES to DESIRE, and how this sparks the manifestation process.
  • The archetype of the Empress
  • The archetype of the Martyr
  • Process: moving through resistance

You will receive a PDF and exercises on Monday.  The Live Call, Q&A and process is scheduled for Thursday November 9th, 1:30PM EST.

  • Your ego through the lens of the Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Concepts of power, purpose and aligned action... and why you might fear success more than your failure. (Hint: there's likely past-life karma here...)
  • How to recognize your ego when it panics due to feelings of unworthiness.
  • The archetype of the Warrior
  • The archetype of the Servant
  • Process of empowerment

You will receive a PDF and exercises on Monday.  The Live Call, Q&A and process is scheduled for Thursday November 16th, 1:30PM EST.

  • Your ego through the lens of the Heart Chakra
  • How to keep healthy boundaries so you don't overstep karmic responsibility
  • How to work with your ego when it's stuck in self-criticism.
  • The archetype of the Lover
  • The archetype of the Control Freak / Saviour
  • Process of inner marriage

You will receive a PDF and exercises on Monday.  The Live Call, Q&A and process is scheduled for Thursday November 23rd, 1:30PM EST.

  • Your ego through the lens of the Throat Chakra
  • How to work with your ego when it creates a feeling of separation between your head and your heart; your thoughts and your feelings -- and how to stop the confusion!
  • The archetype of the Communicator
  • The archetype of the Youngest Child
  • Process of vibrational healing

You will receive a PDF and exercises on Monday.  The Live Call, Q&A and process is scheduled for Thursday November 30th, 1:30PM EST.

  • Your ego through the lens of the Third Eye Chakra
  • Learn to trust both your mind and your imagination, in a way that feels harmonious and integrated.  Overcome the need for polarity between Imagination or Intuition; Knowledge or Wisdom.  Discover true, practical and strategic intuition.
  • The archetype of the High Priestess
  • The archetype of the Know-it-all
  • Process of mental balancing

You will receive a PDF and exercises on Monday.  The Live Call, Q&A and process is scheduled for Thursday December 7th, 1:30PM EST.

  • Your ego through the lens of the Crown Chakra
  • Why energy vampires exist - and what to do about them
  • The archetype of the Crone
  • The archetype of the Wicked Witch
  • Discover the key techniques to sustain your ego's support in transformation and long-term change.
  • Learn how to cultivate the aspects of your ego that will make taking new action easy and fun.
  • The practical aspects of satisfying your ego AND your Soul on your transformational journey, without stalling your progress.
  • Process of connection with Source

You will receive a PDF and exercises on Monday.  The Live Call, Q&A and process is scheduled for Thursday December 14th, 1:30PM EST.

  • Week of integration!
  • Review the entire “7 Voices of Ego” process so that you have a comprehensive understanding of how to make your ego your ally in transforming your life!
  • Process of integration and release
  • What's next?
  • ...and PS: this is the Solstice, so there will be extra Solstice energy and teaching points!

You will receive a PDF and exercises on Monday.  The Live Call, Q&A and process is scheduled for Thursday December 21st, 1:30PM EST.

O-M-G... excited yet? ==>

Your investment for this 9-week program is ONLY $897

or 5 payments of $197

*Contact me if you need the payment plan option.


Let's be honest ...

There's a ton of spiritual seekers out there that are stuck in a cycle of high-flying dream and downward self-destruction.  That pattern never creates true transformation.

Getting an idea, following an inspiration, being thrilled with an intuitive hit, getting excited when listening to a class or podcast can create momentary clarity, inspiration and motivation... 

But after a few days go by...  the downward spiral of self-doubt and procrastination starts again.

This pattern creates the "weekend warriors": those spiritual seekers always looking for the next "high", the next "fix", the next thing that will make them feel clear, aligned and inspired.  And when they do ... it wears off after just a few days AGAIN.  Spiritual work can be addictive - and destructive.  A fixation on getting fixed can totally derail you off your true path!

I'm not interested in weekend warriors.  I'm not interested in enabling you to get a spiritual high and releasing you back without real tools and wisdom gained.  I truly want to support you in (re)discovering your true, divine, empowered nature!  I want to guide you and mentor you as you find your own wise way to support and nurture your connection with Spirit and your Higher Self.

My students love taking my programs, delivered over several weeks, because this pace creates momentum in their healing; raises their vibration in a way they can sustain; and helps them integrate the knowledge and transform it into true wisdom.  They transform from stressed to calm.  They go from feeling stuck to being empowered.  They know how to use the tools I teach to create the life they truly desire and deserve.


This class is not for you if:

  • You're looking for a quick fix.
  • You're more attached to being stuck than implementing steps to become truly empowered.
  • You're just looking for attention and validation.
  • You're in a place where you are struggling with depression, great anxiety and would be better off working with a therapist at this time (we love therapy and highly recommend it!) It's important to work through these struggles with a therapist first vs. doing a group challenge which may not bring you the kind of support you need.



If you're looking for a new way to bring more joy, passion and ease into your life; an EASIER way to hear your internal guidance so you can make life-loving decisions in your life and business/career quickly and in a way that gets you to your goals FASTER; you're ready to look deep within to break the cycles of procrastination; and you can work independently while sharing your experiences appropriately with the group...



Your investment for this 9-week program is ONLY $897

or 5 payments of $197

*Contact me if you need the payment plan option.


  • 9 PDF modules by email, one per week on the Monday.  Each module contains definition of the concepts, journal prompts, ideas for activities and rituals.  This content might also include links to videos, meditations, recommended readings, crystal and essential oils.
  • 9 Live Sessions.  Each call will be recorded, and you will receive the audio-only version of the call by email the day after.
  • Support through a private Facebook group.



  • Registering on time.  Once the registration closes - that's it.
  • Making your payments on time.  It's good karmic practice.
  • Doing your work.  I can guide you, show you, and lead the way... but I can't do your transformation FOR you!
  • Bringing your questions to the live call, or sending them to me in advance so I can answer your questions on the call.
  • Posting your experiences and discoveries in the private Facebook group.
  • Witnessing other participants.  This means acknowledging them and their experience.  It does NOT include judging, coaching, or trying to "help".  Open your heart, hold space, and witness how everyone -- including you -- is transforming through this process.
  • If you need help or additional coaching, ASK!

Are you ready for your leap of faith?

Are you ready to trust your inner feelings?

Are you ready for MAGIC and MIRACLES to flow in your life?

Are you ready to take appropriate, inspired action?


Your life can change.  All your relationships - at home and at work - can become more easeful. Money can magically line up.  Perfect clients can show up out of the blue.   

If your soul is tingling right now...  it's time to say yes!  I'd rather you wouldn't listen to ego saying that you're not ready or the time isn't right... What would you rather choose?

So if you want to experience big, profound changes...