Each week, I will be suggesting essential oils to support the balancing and clearing of your chakra centres. Learn more about the properties of essential oils HERE.  I've been using oils since 1998 to help uplift moods, release physical pain and tension, and deepen energy work.  I love these oils, and they connect me to old women wisdom - after all the first herbalists, witches, used plenty of herbs as medicine!

These oils are available through my dōTERRA website.  Message me if you want to set up a wholesale account for yourself and save 25% off the cost of the retail price.  For this week, you can start with a generic oil to cleanse and centre your energy.  I suggest :

  • ArborvitaeKnown as the “tree of life,” Arborvitae is majestic in size and abundant in benefits. Arborvitae essential oil has powerful cleansing properties.
  • Frankincense: When diffused, induces feelings of peace and wellness
  • Lavender : my favourite go-to-for-everything essential oil.  It is calming and soothing for the skin, the emotions, and the central nervous system.  It helps transmute negative energies.
  • Roman Chamomile: Produces a mild, calming and herbaceous aroma that helps soothe the skin, mind and body system.
  • dōTERRA Peace® Reassuring Blend is a fusion of floral and mint essential oils. The amalgamation of popular essential oils such as Lavender and Spearmint, along with the essence of some lesser-known plants such as Labdanum creates a chemical profile rich in monoterpene esters and alcohols for a renewing and toning experience.

For herbs, use white or desert sage (not the same as cooking sage!), palo santo, and sweetgrass.  These can be burned and can produce quite a bit of smoke, so it's not always suitable for indoors when we share space with people who have respiratory issues or sensitivities.



Every week, I will suggest crystals that will support your work through the chakra centres.  It is not necessary, but you might want to start with a small chakra kit which will include 7 to 9 specimens calibrated to the chakra system.  For generic feel-good crystals, you'll want to have rose quartz and amethyst.  When you can infuse the energy of unconditional love (rose quartz) and negativity protection (amethyst) in your environment, all you work becomes easier!



Your energy is not meant to be static, but to flow through your body, and in your environment.  Regular gentle exercise is recommended.  Because I love yoga (although I am not a certified yoga instructor), I will be recommending yoga poses every week.  Go to your local yoga studio or view professional videos to help you learn these poses in a way that is safe and nurturing.  Remember to listen to your body and never force yourself in a pretzel!



My definition of spellwork is putting words and intention into action.  When you voice your intentions, you create a bridge between the world of the unseen (thoughts, emotions, possibilities, spirit, etc.) and the physical world.  Spellwork is not about abracadabra... rather, it helps  you focus your energy, your thoughts and create aligned actions that will bring you to your goal.

Your work for this week is simply to clarity your intention for this Program.  What do you wish to accomplish?  What do you wish will change for you in these 9 weeks we will spend together?  If you view yourself in the future, what would you say about the journey?

Complete one of the following sentences from the point of view of your future self upon completion of this Program, and post it in our private Facebook Group:

  • I am so grateful now that I have...
  • I am more (state of being) today than 9 weeks ago because...
  • What I enjoyed the most about this Program is...

Stating your intention out loud, and sharing it with others will turn the gears of the magic wheel and will help you manifest your intention!



This is an interesting video from the children's show "The Last Airbender".  It explains how the energy circulates in the chakra system in a way that is simple yet effective.