The Ego Through the Lens of the Sacral Chakra





My list of favourite oils to support the Sacral Chakra (These oils are available through my dōTERRA website.  Message me if you want to set up a wholesale account for yourself and save 25% off the cost of the retail price) :

  • Bergamot: A soft and citrusy scent.  Feminine, calming, and empowering.  In meditation, I received the information that this is the oil/scent of the goddess Brigid, and also used in blends for goddess Hecate.
  • Jasmine: This is a sensual, floral scent that I use alone or in blends to evoke the sultry goddesses.
  • Juniper Berry: is beneficial to the appearance of skin. Its woody, spicy, yet fresh aroma has a calming effect that helps to relax. When diffused, Juniper Berry helps to cleanse the air of odours.
  • Sandalwood (Hawaiian): Hawaiian Sandalwood has a rich, sweet, woody aroma that instills calmness and a sense of well-being, making it a perfect oil to incorporate into massage or aromatherapy.
  • Tangerine: it's refreshing and uplifts the mood to align to a joyful, happy and creative sense of being.
  • Wild Orange: Lively, fresh and uplifting!
  • Ylang Ylang: this floral scent has been used in aphrodisiacs.  It can uplift the moods and connect your with your passionate side.  Use when you need a boost in creative juices.
  • dōTERRA®  Cheer : Uplifting Blend Cheer is an invigorating mixture of citrus and spice essential oils. Featuring Wild Orange, Cinnamon Bark, and Star Anise essential oils, the resulting chemical profile is rich in monoterpene and aldehydes, renowned for their uplifting and warming properties.
  • dōTERRA® Citrus Bliss : Invigorating Blend Citrus Bliss combines the powerful essences of Wild Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Bergamot, Tangerine, and Clementine with a hint of Vanilla Absolute to form this unique and harmonious blend.
  • dōTERRA® Hope Touch™ This distinct essential oil blend’s inviting scent isn’t only one thing that makes dōTERRA Hope Touch™ truly unique. The full purchase price of each dōTERRA Hope Touch™ bottle is donated to the dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™ which supports O.U.R. Rescue, an organization dedicated to rescuing children from child slavery worldwide.
  • dōTERRA® Whisper is an essential oil blend made for women.  It is a complex and diverse blend that entices the senses and combines with each individual’s chemistry to create a uniquely personal fragrance.
  • ClaryCalm™ Monthly Blend for Women  a proprietary blend of essential oils that have been traditionally used to promote a sense of well-being and balance.
  • dōTERRA Passion® Touch INSPIRING BLEND combines Fractionated Coconut Oil with the spice and herb blend of dōTERRA Passion to help you rekindle the excitement in your life. Cardamom, Cinnamon Bark, Ginger, Clove, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Vanilla, and Damiana • Ignites feelings of excitement, passion, and joy • Counteracts negative feelings of boredom and disinterest



Here are my go-to crystals when working with the Sacral Chakra:

  • Carnelian: Carnelian was used in Ancient Egypt; it is referenced in mythology of Isis and Osiris.  It connects with goddess energy, inner joy, and bliss.  It can assist fertility - including the creation of projects.
  • Moonstone: It can help connect with the moon's cycle, and your own personal cycle. It can assist in hormonal balancing.
  • Mookite: Used with intention for the Sacral Chakra, it creates a field of emotional and energetic protection.  It feels "delicious" to the energy field and can help replenish creative energy.
  • Aquamarine: This stone is associated with "frozen water" and can therefore help calming an overactive Sacral Chakra.



  • Your body!  Dance, move your hips, play with a hula hoop.  Go outdoors and play.
  • Spend lovely time with your friends, and tell jokes.  Go see a comedy.  Play silly games.  Anything to give you a good belly laugh.
  • Aquarium and water fountains.
  • Silks, satins, hot baths... anything that makes you feel sensual, embodied, and in tune with your goddess self.
  • The Sacral Chakra and goddess energy is often represented by a bowl.  Fill a glass bowl with fresh water, and float a candle or a flower in its centre.



These following yoga and gentle stretching poses will help you balance the energy of your Sacral Chakra:

  • Hips rotation - circle in both directions.
  • Triangle Pose
  • Butterfly
  • Shiva Dancer Pose
  • ...or try belly dancing!



You will need a glass bowl, filled with fresh water; a floating candle (preferably shaped like a flower); matches; seashells; carnelian; sea salt; a few drops of your favourite essential oil.  If in season, add marigolds - they add an energy of protection.  Play music you feel is sensual.

  • Add about 1tsp sea salt in the water.  Stir as you imagine the salty air of the ocean.
  • Place the candle in your glass bowl.  Arrange the flowers, seashells and carnelians around the bowl.
  • Place 3 drops of essential oil on the candle: one for the spirit within, one for your Higher Self, and one for the Goddess.
  • Say a prayer of intention, thanking the goddess for Her presence and Her guidance.
  • Place 3 drops of essential oils in the palm of your hand.  Take in 3 deep breaths as you focus your energy from your Sacral Chakra, to your Heart, to the Goddess.
  • Place your hands on your Sacral Chakra / womb.  Allow for the emotions to surface.  Feel within if there is guilt, or shame and if you're ready to release these emotions.  Ask the Goddess to take them away, and to replace these emotions with the vibration of joy and creativity.
  • Focus within, and allow your body to move to its own rhythm.  Start circling your hips.  Then let the emotions and the energy play out through your body, through your dance.  Allow spiritual guidance to simply flow to you as you dance.
  • When you feel complete, take 3 deep breaths, and thank the Goddess for her presence and guidance.