The Ego Through The Lens Of The Throat Chakra


Week 6: Throat Chakra





My list of favourite oils to support the Throat Chakra (These oils are available through my dōTERRA website.  Message me if you want to set up a wholesale account for yourself and save 25% off the cost of the retail price) :

  • Clove has been used for years in dental preparations, candy, and gum for its flavour. Clove naturally contains eugenol, which gives this essential oil a very sweet, stimulating and energizing aroma.
  • Eucalyptus has cleansing properties that can be beneficial for the skin, surfaces and the air. Eucalyptus can often be found in mouth rinses to freshen breath.
  • Peppermint is refreshing, cleansing, and helps relieve tension.  It can be used for a quick energy boost and to experience it’s cleansing, cooling aroma.
  • Spearmint is widely used in gums, candies, and dental products for its minty taste, and to promote fresh breath. Its sweet, refreshing aroma is cleansing and uplifting. Spearmint is very different from Peppermint, making it a milder option to use on children and those with sensitive skin.
  • Easy Air is a DoTerra proprietary blend including Laurel Leaf, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lemon, Ravensara, and Cardamom that can easily be applied topically to the chest, back, or bottom of feet. topically or diffused at nighttime, allowing for a restful sleep.
  • dōTERRA Peace® Reassuring Blend is a fusion of floral and mint essential oils. The amalgamation of popular essential oils such as Lavender and Spearmint, along with the essence of some lesser-known plants such as Labdanum creates a chemical profile rich in monoterpene esters and alcohols for a renewing and toning experience.
  • dōTERRA® Whisper is an essential oil blend made for women.  It is a complex and diverse blend that entices the senses and combines with each individual’s chemistry to create a uniquely personal fragrance.



Here are my go-to crystals when working with the Throat Chakra:

  • Celestite: To connect with the angelic realms
  • Sodalite: To connect with the expression of universal truth and wisdom.  It reinforces communication, speech, and hearing. It helps reduce stress and balance the hormonal system.
  • Turquoise:
  • Blue topaz: Activates your vibrational field for deeper spiritual work, or for working with your voice in chanting, singing, or public speaking. Its vibration helps all subtle healing, including the alignment of the chakra system and the passing of Reiki energy.
  • Blue sapphire: Has calming properties for your vibrational field.
  • Turquoise: It is said that turquoise helps channel the energy of the moon when combined with silver, and the energy of the sun when combined with gold.  It helps to dispel fears and can protect from harmful radiation or vibrations.
  • Aquamarine: Soothes your emotional vibrations, and can connect you with the subtle realm of water spirits.



  • Your voice!  State what you want, say yes and mean it; say no and mean it.  Chant, pray out loud, sound sacred vowels... OHM!
  • Bells, tingshas, wind chimes and singing bowls.
  • Tuning forks and dowsing rods.



These following yoga and gentle stretching poses will help you balance the energy of your Throat Chakra:

  • Gentle neck circles, and moving your neck side-to-side
  • Yogi breathing
  • Bow pose
  • Lion pose (stick your tongue out!)
  • Sitting forward bend



Here's a fun spell to craft with a wind chime to repel negativity.

In our modern culture we often spend too much time in the city ... stuck in traffic jams ... meeting constant deadlines ... we’re often not spending enough time in nature. All of this weakens our connection to our instincts. When we lose touch with our own instincts, we feel unsafe, unstable, and out of rhythm with life.  Negative thoughts creep in and stress settles in.  Sometime, we just need quick reminders to help us shift gears, reconnect with Nature, and release accumulated stress. 

A wind charm can be such a magical helper!

  1. Select a wind charm that resonates with you.  When you look at it and hear it chime - you smile!  You might even feel an expansion, or the “warm fuzzies” in your stomach area.
  2. Set the mood for magic: set a candle, play soft music, burn incense…  Place the wind chime in front of you next to the candle.  Have your journal and a pen ready.
  3. Honestly reflect on your life.  Remember that you are the creator of your thoughts and emotions.  Reflect on your patterns, your attitude, and the habits that bring you stress.  Reclaim your power as creator!  Once you take responsibility for your life experience, it’s easier to make the right changes that will support and enhance your Joy, Love, Wisdom… and Abundance.
  4. State your intention to change, and that you allow negative thought forms to be dissipated by the wind.
  5. Speak the following charm (from “Practical Prosperity Magick” by Ellen Dugan):

With my will and intention this spell is begun.
By element of air, this magic is spun.
As of this moment, these wind chimes are enchanted
By the winds that blow, may my success be granted.
Negative thought forms will break apart at the sound of these chimes.
Happiness, optimism, and success will surely be mine.

(Hang your chimes, preferably outdoors, and make them ring softly, then continue):

Now sweetly ring out with your happy sound
No more negativity will ever be found.

By the element of air, this simple spell was cast
Let the energy ripple out and the magic last.

Take a deep breath  release your worries through your breath to the wind.  Relax, and let the magic happen!  Ring your chimes every time you need a boost to break up old/negative energy.



Meditation to create Sacred Space and vibrational alignment: