Meditation: Starting a new journey


Find courage and renewed vision for the next step toward your dream or magical intention.

Welcome to this meditation! I am Jaz, Mystic Priestess, and I intend that this meditation is infused with the beautiful and wonderful combined energies of the New Moon and of the Sun on this day of the eclipse.

Make sure you have 1 hour of quiet time you can dedicate to this meditation. You will want a glass of water, a journal, a good pen, and if possible, a Tarot deck. You’ll also want cushions or blankets to make sure you are very comfortable during this healing and clearing process.

This is the second consecutive New Moon in Leo! Having 2 new moons in a row in the same sign of the zodiac asks each of us to go deeper in our life lessons, and the issues we have been noticing popping up in our life this past month — this include socio-political events unfolding in our nations.

In the zodiac, the energy of Leo is one of being seen, and of celebrating the truth of who we are… and for many of us, true visibility is an issue. Visibility is too often masked by fear, oppression, hatred…  we find it difficult to let our own light shine, as much as it’s difficult to truly see and accept someone else’s light.  What is different or outside “the norm” is repressed and forms a shadow aspect of our unconscious.

We are asked, now more than ever, to own our personal, collective and historical stories. We are asked to heal the shame and the hurt, so the pain can heal and negative spirals stop repeating themselves. We are asked to walk toward wholeness. We are asked to start a new, improved, empowered story. Can you feel this deep in your bones, in your belly, in your heart?

One of the roles of the modern Mystic Priestess is to face the old stories of the collective conscious/unconscious, bring them to light, and bridge with a new, healed reality. The Priestess is a vessel of healing. A channel of Truth. A voice of wisdom. If you’re here today, ready to listen to this meditation, I’m sure you can feel your Inner Priestess calling you to action…


I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “As within, so without; As above, so below…” This is a Universal Law that governs the work of the Priestess. In this context, it means that if we experience, in our communities, events steeped in fear, hatred, lack of tolerance, racism, shame… if this is experienced outside of us, there must be seeds of that energy within us. And therefore when we dare to look deep within to see where we hold on to fear, shame, hatred, racism, when we take responsibility for our thoughts and emotions and pain AND we bring love to those parts within us… then we can radiate this healing in the world around us. Then we can take clear action based on true love and acceptance and be a role model for those around us.

Looking within is not easy. In fact, it’s often difficult, unpleasant, uncomfortable and at times unbearable. And yet, it must be done. The Priestess must develop the courage to look at this darkness square in the face; it’s the only way to bring it Light. Hiding it or pretending it doesn’t exist does nothing to truly heal the world.

One of the sacred tools used by the Priestess for healing purposes, and one tool that guides us through the Mystic Priestess School, is the Tarot. Each Tarot card is like a portal, or a door, to deeper self-knowledge and awakening. If you have a deck of Tarot cards, I invite you to take out the very first card of the Major Arcana – the number is 0 and it is likely called “The Fool”… although it can have other names if your deck is more New-Age than traditional.

The first card in the Tarot’s Major Arcana is The Fool. This card represents the energy of the pioneer, the path finder, the intuitive who is ready to take a leap of faith in a new adventure. It represents the willingness to move forward by suspending all pre-conceived notions. It breathes fresh hope into life. Can you feel the call to action rippling through your soul? Look at the imagery as I share some more guidance from this card… Take in the colours, the lush scenery, the mountains, the walking staff, the small backback, the little dog… Note what comes up for you…


  • Follow your bliss. Adventure, fresh start, exploration, a journey
  • New ideas; take a chance and follow your dream
  • The beginning of the spiritual quest
  • A leap of faith
  • A new phase of life
  • Take all necessary steps to move forward with confidence, even though you don’t know where the path will lead you.
  • Facing challenges and changes with optimism.
  • Important choices and changes are needed; listen to your intuition and the nudges you are feeling/seeing/sensing from your soul, your life, your spirit guides.
  • It’s OK to feel lost or confused at this time, because your frame of reference is changing. If you choose to stay where you are, you will feel stuck and disempowered; now is not the time to choose what is “safe”.
  • It’s time to see life like an adventure, with the eyes of a child, with no pre-conceived notions. Give yourself permission to live, love, laugh, play… and explore a new facet of your soul’s expression.


Energy of the NEW MOON:
An other sacred tool used by the Priestess for healing purposes is the cycle of the moon.

The new moon is the time of the void, of absence, of what is hidden from view. This is a very exciting time for any work of manifestation: this is the time where you are seeding your wishes and dreams. There is a duality of feelings here: there is both emptiness, and such excitement about all that is possible to be! This is like your kitchen when you are planning a great recipe and wondering what fresh ingredients you will add to the pot. It’s like being a child and writing a letter to Santa. It’s like your uterus, ready to create life.

Take time to meditate on the following questions.

  • What seeds of magic are you planting?
  • What secret wish are you whispering to Spirit?
  • Which project do you wish to start?
  • Which talent or ability to you wish to grow within you or your community? Feel the rising energy bubbling up in you in anticipation of new things to come.
  • Ask for direction to increase your intuitive or psychic skills, and to overcome any feelings associated with the “dark night of the soul”.
  • Ask for protection and help from your spirit helpers, and from the Goddess.
  • Work on dispelling misperceptions and misalignments.

In the Mystic Priestess School, all new modules will start on the New Moon. I will lead you in a meditation to help you be in a state of “expectant readiness” to receive the lesson. I will give you information and journalling prompts so you can meditate on what you wish to learn and develop in that cycle. We will have discussions to dispel fears and misconceptions about your spiritual reawakening and transformation.
In the Mystic Priestess School, we will also explore one Tarot archetype per moon cycle, and it starts with The Fool – a perfect archetype for this New Mooon in Leo. Here’s why:

  • We are beginning a new cycle of healing, for ourselves and for our communities
  • We must step out of the shadows and be seen and heard as the messengers of healing, awakening, and peace — even if we feel triggered
  • We must take a leap of faith and enjoy our spiritual journey; this must not be a chore, and it must not be steeped in fear.

This meditation will help you tune in to your call to healing; to write a new story; to reawaken to aligned action. You will gain insight not only on your “what”, also on the “how”.

What will be revealed to you is not here to scare you but to help you become more whole. It will be shown to you because you are ready and able to heal it within you.


Remember also that you can get stuck in “what will happen” and “what does it all mean” or “where is this going”… And The Fool invites you to take the journey even if you don’t have an answer to all your questions; even if you don’t know where it’s taking you.


Now, let’s put all of the information I shared with you on the zodiac, the new moon, the Priestess, the Tarot…. let’s put all of this together so you can form your intention for this new moon, and new cycle in your life…

  • This is a time for new beginnings
  • It’s time to look at fears squarely in the face to be able to heal
  • It’s your time to be seen, to be heard, to be celebrated
  • It’s your time to step up into your divinity into a leadership role
  • It’s time to be a pathfinder, and do things in a new way…


Share with me in our private Facebook group, or through email…

  • How was your meditation and journey with the archetype of The Fool?
  • What did you find in the shadow box?  How did you react?  What have you learned about yourself?
  • What was linked to a childhood or younger-self event?  What was linked to a parent or sibling?  Was anything linked to a past life experience?
  • What did you feel during the cord-cutting process?
  • What did you learn about karmic responsibility?
  • What is possible for you now?
  • What action will you do to symbolize the change within – to the world outside?



After listening to the meditation and doing the inner work, the Fool archetype is activated within you and will remain in your life to nurture you and your dreams, and to protect you. The Fool is not afraid to show you your weaknesses or your darkness, for these are learning tools bringing you ever closer to divine alignment. With her quiet and radiating presence, she helps you to be brave, and to believe in yourself. She reminds you of your creative powers. All you need to do is to listen to your intuition, pay very close attention, and with every ounce of strength you can gather you must put everything you have into making these dreams a reality.

Remember to make space in your journal for insights that may continue to come to you during the day or the night ahead. Remember to note all synchronicity, and to thank the divine mother goddess for walking with you on your path.

I am looking forward to hearing your story. Share how you feel as you find the next right action on your journey of healing. Drop me a note on my Facebook page:


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