Mystic School Lesson 4: Tarot Archetypes


Demystifying the Tarot deck

Well before electronic search engines, it was through books and stories repeated to us that we learned how the world works, and how we were supposed to respond to it. I’m sure you’ve noticed that in every story or movie there are common character types even if the scenery, names, or culture changes: there’s the “good guy”, the “bad guy”, the one who needs to make an important life decision, the teacher, the love interest… Strip down every story in the entire world, and it often boils down to similar key characters and plot lines, each with their own flavour.

I’m not sharing this to make stories boring – on the contrary! This is the richness of the human experience. These characters represent personality traits that we all share, and important life decisions that we must all face at some point. The more you know about the different nuances of each character, the more you can apply their lessons to your life, and the better equipped you are for navigating life.

The Tarot represents, especially in its Major Arcana, a collection of key characters and the challenges presented to them. The Priestess can recognize these story lines, and guide her life and her clients’ lives by drawing parallels between timeless stories, and the very timely challenge requiring immediate attention.

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Developing a sacred relationship with the Tarot and all your special spiritual tools is very important, especially once you choose the path of the Priestess. I believe that one of the crucial role of the Priestess is that of story-teller. We share the stories of creation. We share the stories of humanity: the good, the bad, and the ugly. We learn from what others have done before us, and we teach from our own life’s stories and experiences. Stories are important teaching tools!

I believe it’s time we weave and tell a different story about the world. I’m tired of the plot line where women must play passive characters with very little power of decision. I’m tired of the plot line where women must “play like a man” to put her mark on the world and make significant, positive changes. I’ve had my fill of the stories of women being tired, stressed, overwhelmed, confused, unhappy…. because they know there’s more they can do, more they want to do but can’t find the HOW.

I intend that the Mystic Priestess School be a gathering of women ready to awaken to their Divine Selves, ready to participate fully in life, and ready to change the story lines keeping them stuck.

By connecting with the Tarot and its main characters, you can awaken various facets of your own divinity. You will find it easier to navigate life, because you will have guides to show you the way. You will feel connected with all of creation since the beginning of times, and it will make you stronger and more confident. You will no longer feel alone. Does this appeal to you? Take a look at the Mystic Priestess School curriculum here.

In this PDF, you will learn:

  • The importance of story-telling
  • Why the Tarot can be a roadmap for life
  • Who are the first key characters of the Tarot (the 10 first archetypes of the Major Arcana), and how their timeless stories can apply in “real life”
  • and more!


I want to know…

I’m looking forward to hearing your own story about how you connect with Tarot archetypes. Which one calls you? Which one resonates the most with your current life experience? Share it on my Facebook page!


Next lesson in the Mystic Priestess School waiting lounge…  Working with the archetype of The Fool.

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