Mystic School Lesson 2: Choosing Tarot


Here is your second mini-lesson, direct from the “Waiting Lounge” of the Mystic Priestess School!

Why should you work with Tarot?

In life, there are so many opportunities, so many challenges, so many questions… Am I doing this right? Am I on the right path? Which option is best for me? What’s up with this relationship? Am I still learning a lesson or is it time to move on? How can I best deal with this situation, this grief, this person who aggravates me?

You can mull these questions over and over in your mind, let them keep you up at night and give you tightness around your heart or belly… or you can tune into Spirit and receive the answer you’re looking for, make the right decision for you at the time, then take appropriate action. More guidance; more confidence; more flow; more positivity; less stress; less time lost in trying to figure everything out.

Think of the Tarot as a roadmap for your life. It alerts you to turning points, key attractions, and danger zones. It helps you navigate life and all its uncertainties. It shows you the choices in front of you; it reflects your state of mind; it bridges your consciousness with that of the divine.

The Tarot is a very special tool for the Priestess: it helps her clarify spiritual messages. It is a way for her to commune with the divine mind.

Read more, and download your playbook here: Choosing a Tarot Deck

  • Why work with the Tarot?
  • What is the difference between the Tarot and Oracle cards?
  • How to choose a Tarot deck like a Priestess?
  • How to do a ceremony with a new Tarot deck
  • and more!




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