Mystic School Lesson 3: Working With The Moon


Here is your third mini-lesson, direct from the “Waiting Lounge” of the Mystic Priestess School!

Why should you work with the moon?


At times, it feels like life is happening so fast. It’s zooming by, filled with so many activities, worries, and the dulling routine, too. At times, it feels like everything spins out of control and it’s very difficult to stay grounded, centred, calm… and to remember that there are greater forces alive and influencing our very existence.

The Moon has been a symbol for women’s magic — it seems from the very beginning of humankind. Its cycle reflects our cycle of fertility. She represents the Mother Goddess in all her forms: young maiden, fertile woman, and wise elder. She represents the cycle of life, death and rebirth. She is the focal point in the night sky for all to see, and under which we can all gather no matter where we are on this planet.

When you connect with the Moon’s energy, you tap into this Ancient Wisdom. Taking time to gaze at the moon opens you up to the medicine of your ancestors. It will bring you a sense of comfort. It will nurture your inner strength. It will give you a pause in the busy-ness of life. It will help you clear your mind and emotions so you can find your path through the darkest times, and celebrate your brightest moments. The Moon is a personal yet universal divine calendar.

The Moon is a very special tool for the Priestess: it helps her find her centre; communicate with unseen forces; receive guidance on the energy that is available to her; and plan and execute her rituals. The Moon helps her feel how connected she is with all of creation, and with all her sisters under the stars.

Read more, and download your playbook here: Working With The Moon

  • Why work with the moon?
  • What are the moon’s phases?
  • What are the best action to do in each lunar phase?
  • and more!




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