Are you ready to fulfill your Divine Goals & manifest your Sacred Dream through powerful Energy Activations and practical support?

I am willing to bet your answer to that question is a resounding “YES!”

Let’s face it. If you’re here, you’ve been led here.

Your fingers might have magically browsed you to this webpage, or you felt a pull in your soul or a knowing in your heart and now… here you are.

I have been working with Goddesses, Spirit, Universe…  We have been calling you because I can deeply support you in manifesting your Divine Dream.  We have been calling you because…

You are intuitive.

You are creative.

You seek a deep spiritual connection.

You are both a dreamer and a take-action type of woman.

You are an ambitious, high-achieving woman who is here to make an impact in the world with your unique purpose.

And you are ready to make the changes within you to actually LIVE — not just think about — the wonderful and magical life you’ve always deeply desired to create.


You’ve always known that there is more to life than what your eyes can see, and what you mind tells you.  There is an essence of magic out there that you desire to connect with…a spirit of natural alchemy, beautiful ritual, and divine order…but you’re unsure of how to tap into these energies within yourself.

You’ve been seeking and praying for something to reconnect you with your sense of joy, flow and harmony.  You’re tired of being tired; ready to stop being busy and yet not productive; willing to invite in Goddess energy and play in the field of infinite possibilities.

This is your invitation to take a deep breath all the way down to your belly.  Pour yourself a nice tall glass of water, green smoothie, or wine.  Connect with your heart centre.  Now be truthful with yourself and answer the following questions.

On a scale of 1 to 10…

  • How happy are you in your life?
  • How happy are you in your business?
  • Are you able to manifest the results you deeply desire?
  • Is the Law of Attraction working for you?
  • Are you ready and willing to change patterns of self-sabotage?
  • Are you ready to receive deep energetic support to manifest your goals, intentions and desires… as if by magic?
  • How ready are you to take aligned action and make necessary changes in your life, business, emotions or thought patterns so you can experience your desire?


Bring your awareness to your Forehead Chakra.  Take an other deep breath down to your belly.  Imagine you can time travel to the future and you connect with your own self in the future…

  • You have confidence in your plan and feel guided in your next right action.
  • You radiate confidence.
  • You sleep better, and your dreams have become clear.
  • You have successfully attracted your heart and soul’s desire.
  • You feel supported and nurtured.
  • You have integrated an important life lesson and are moving on.
  • A negative situation in your life or relationships has been happily and easily resolved.
  • You feel more balanced and aligned with your soul mission.
  • You find new ease and flow in structuring and delivering your business projects and services.
  • You have achieved new success in your life and business.
  • You new elevated energy is reflected in your new elevated bank account statement.  You are in the flow of abundance.

How would that tip the scales of your earlier assessment?  How is your level of happiness, confidence, and satisfaction in your life and business?

Breathe that in…  for it is possible to achieve!

My role is to help you bridge the gap between what is… and what is possible to be.

At times, you just need to let go a bit more and flex your trust in the divine.  I believe that the divine is always present to help with wise and practical advice; that the divine is always ready to work miracles.

When you can relax in the deep inner knowledge that you are fully guided and loved, magical manifestations can happen easily!

When you can set aside time each day for meditation and conscious intention, when you invite the divine to work with you, when you amp up your personal vibration…  then the rate at which you notice results and synchronicity also accelerates.  You are the co-creator of  your life experience.  Find time for magic, and magic will find you!

Here’s how I can help you

I bring you all of my tools to lighten your load and illuminate your spiritual path.  Some of my tools, I honed in cubicle world: strategy, coaching, planning, and systemic organization.  My magical tools and spiritual medicine I have gained from my life’s choices and experiences.

I’ve had a deep connection with the divine since early childhood, I remember being surrounded by beings of infinite love with whom I would have the most interesting conversations… until I chose to shut everything off in my teens to try to fit in.  And yet, my mystic powers were never far from the surface.

I learned to read cards at the age of twelve.  I worked with ghosts.  I deepened my knowledge of all things mystic.  I debunked a few church practices that were fear-based rather than love-based.  I was a bit of a rebel with a lot of soul.  In my twenties I discovered Reiki which re-opened doors to my deep well of intuition.  Then I discovered the Akashic Records, easy and powerful ritual practices to anchor high energy.  In my thirties, a two-week spiritual retreat with John of God in Brazil accelerated my spiritual journey – it was no longer possible for my soul to keep working in “cubicle world” and I chose to quit to pursue my higher calling.

Now, I can devote my energy to you, to your wellbeing, and to develop your strength and resilience in shining your Light.


Let me introduce you to Mystical Manifestation.

This is some of my deepest, best, and most magical work yet!

In our work together, I will be your personal Priestess, shaman and healer.  I will lead you through powerful exercises to release patterns that don’t serve you anymore.  I will help you call in your desire.  I will give you information from your Akashic Records about your soul path, soul mission and unique gifts.  I will create the container for magic to happen in your life, and I will tend to it for a full moon cycle.

Here’s what we will create together:

  • A powerfully aligned intention for manifesting your heart’s desire, complete with affirmations, crystal work, and appropriate essential oils.  This will support you body, mind and soul!
  • A sacred space for your energy to rise and align to the desire you wish to attract and manifest in your life.
  • A deep transformation of how you perceive your life and your ability to manifest.
  • Some really powerful manifestation mojo!


You will receive:

  • A soul-aligning intake form – designed to clarify your goals and objectives, so that we can work together in the best way possible.  This is like an “Order To Universe” where you get crystal clear on what you want to manifest, and how much time and energy you’re ready to invest on a regular basis toward your goal.  (priceless)
  • Before our first session, I will tune into your energy, listen to your Spirit Guides and look into your Akashic Records.  I will research your needs, soul gifts, and current spiritual blockages, and prepare a customized spiritual strategy for our work together.  You will receive a personalized report so that you can remain on track for your journey and learn to take aligned action.  Based on your intention, information from your Spirit Guides, and your current energy, I will select the appropriate moon cycle in which to begin our magical work.  (value $300)
  • Guidance on how to do your personal Moon Cycle Ceremony to complement the one I will do for you (in person or distance). (value $97)
  • Reiki and energy blessings for the duration of your program / lunar cycle. These are distance healing that I do in ceremony.  I will add you to a Reiki Crystal grid and you will receive continuous healing throughout your Program with me.  (value $500)
  • Akashic Records readings and clearing protocols, to help you understand how past choices have shaped you and your current reality.  Clear away old vows of poverty, obedience, or silence!  Heal from past lives when you were tormented due to your spiritual gifts.  Release the hold of old promises and soul contracts that don’t serve you anymore.  This clearing will help you make choices today that are free from the spiritual blocks causing your current self-sabotage.  (value $647)
  • Personal calls where you can share your questions, transformations, coincidences, and magical experiences.  I will check-in with your Spirit Guides and do any necessary course-correction.  I take you through my unique approach to helping you create divine manifestation.  We will dive in intuitively, and use ritual, tarot, energy healing, reiki, and other practices to guide you forward on your journey. (duration, number and frequency of calls depends on your unique program… average value $1,000)
  • One recorded ceremony at the beginning of your process to open up your divine manifestation channels and invoke the most aligned Beings of Light and Love to work with you. (value $197)
  • One recorded ceremony at the end of your process in thanksgiving and to release the magical work. (value $197)
  • Recordings of all of our sessions, so that you can go back for extra clarity and reminders. (priceless)
  • A guidebook and other resources to help you journal your process and keep track of divine messages and synchronicity. (value $97)
  • One email check-in after each session, so that you can let me know what is unfolding for you and ask me any questions that you have. (value $350)

That’s a total value of more than $3,188.


There is more than one way that we can work together to manifest your best and highest of intentions.  So whether you need someone to lead you through one month of deep transformation and manifestation, or you want to take “the scenic route” on your journey of transformation, I have a program for you.  Here is what our map could look like…


You no longer feel alone working on your Sacred Dream.  You can relax into your BEINGNESS instead of constantly pushing or striving or struggling.  Your mind and your emotions are clear, and you can see your path ahead.  You enjoy a sacred relationship with your Higher Self and with the divine, and you have fun manifesting your exceptional life.

Are you ready to invest your time wisely toward your highest good? Are  you willing to receive spiritual guidance, and to take prescribed aligned action?  Are you ready to flow with the energy of Love, Abundance, Joy and Truth for your highest path?

It starts with a conversation.

To give this maximum level of support and manifestation mojo, I offer this program to a select few clients every lunar cycle.  For most effective results, I want to ensure my clients don’t present with any serious blockages or negativity in their Akashic Records, and that they are ready and willing to take aligned actions as channelled by their Spirit Guides.  I’ll need to get a feeling for your energy and commitment, and receive a few messages from your Spirit Guides before we get started.  When you apply for your Mystical Manifestation Call, you will see a form attached to the online booking.  You are required to fill in this form at least 48 hours prior to our call so I can do preliminary investigation in your Akashic Records before we chat in person.  The more prepared we are for our calls, the better the energy will flow and the quicker we can move to magical strategy.

I offer other private and group programs, too.  Private coaching and ceremonies are always customized to your needs, your intention, and the intensity you desire for your transformation.  The best way to find out how we can work together – is to ask!

Apply for your Mystical Manifestation Call now.

Group Programs are currently offered in person only — I am working on bringing them online, starting with the “Intuition Development” program.  Join my email community or follow my Facebook page to know more, and to be amongst the first to know when the Program launches online.  This will be part of the new “Mystic School”, and I’m really excited about brining this project to life!

I am looking forward to making magic with you.  Making the world a better place starts by fully aligning your actions, your manifestations, and your soul.  I am here to support you as you make the positive impact with which you seek to bless the world.