New Moon in Taurus

We are working with the energy of the New Moon in Taurus, and the end of a 7-year cycle as Uranus changes sign into Taurus, ushering in a new era for the collective consciousness.

Have you been feeling the butterflies in the stomach, inner deep knowing that something’s gotta change, the urge to purge? If yes, you’re sensitive to this astro-energy, and right on track!

As in all new beginnings, we must BREATHE… and allow ourselves to be immersed in the Mystery — which means we have to be OK with not knowing the HOW and the end result. We must be fully committed to taking action, aligned with our soul, with the highest good, and with what can serve and support all communities. We must exercise faith in the unfolding process, and do our best to stay calm, centred and aligned.

Taurus is an Earth sign… good for grounding, slowing down our pace (especially with the Earth Dog year), building new foundations, taking care of the body, enjoying creature comfort, growing a sense of community, and planting new seeds for health & wealth.

As you formulate your intentions for this week and this lunar cycle, ask yourself:

::> What needs to change WITHIN me?
::> How can I embody this new energy I’m craving for?
::> What is my relationship with money, and how can I make it better (notice that this is not about having more, but healing money wounds, negative karma, and poverty mindset)
::> How is my relationship with my body, and how can I learn to love myself more – mind/body/soul?
::> Where can I slow down, and ENJOY life more and more?
::> Which new project or service wants to be born through me, and how can I start building its foundation?

Journal these questions under this potent New Moon; it will help you formulate the affirmations, practices, and new actions to support you in this transformation.

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