New Moon Manifestation Ritual

It’s the New Moon!  Here is a simple ritual that will help you focus on raising your vibrational level to match the rate of what you want to manifest.  You need to commit to working with the moon until at least the Full Moon at the end of the month – looking at the night sky, seeing the crescent become fuller… and noticing in your life how you can become fuller with positive vibes that will attract your wishes.

What you need: a dark cardboard to signify the night sky; a white paper to cut out the moon.  Stars, sparkles, coloured pencils…  to decorate your moon with the energy of your wishes, and to decorate your “sky”.

Why it works: the exercise keeps you focused on the positive feelings and energies you want to create.

And?  The moon influences the water on Earth with a push/pull action, causing the tides to ebb and flow.  Our bodies are made of mostly water; the moon has a push/pull power over us too!  Also, water is linked to the realm of emotions and the divine feminine.  It guides creation and intuition.  You know the Law of Attraction – like attracts like.  Focus your energy on being at the vibration of that which you want to manifest… and relax as it comes to you as easily as the moon glides and shines in the night sky.