New Moon Musings

One of my rituals on the New Moon — and you can learn it in Mystic Priestess School — is a special Tarot reading that will guide me, my work and my meditation for the new lunar cycle. It’s important for the whole month to remain aware of the messages, signs and omens as these deepen intuition connection with all that is, and all that is possible to be.
One of my cards this month is the Queen of Swords, speaking to developing leadership, assertiveness and a sense of sovereignty. This Queen serves a reminder to act now on well thought-out plans, plans that are insightful, discerning, and no-BS.
As I melted into this card, it’s the blue jays that really stood out for me. His medicine calls for uniting the energies of heaven and earth; divine father and divine mother; Uranus and Gaia… How perfect with Uranus now moving into Taurus (earth sign) for the next 7 years!
Working in my gardens this weekend, I was serenaded by blue jays, one perching in a tree a few branches above my head. I enjoyed his chirping, and he enjoyed watching me. 🙂
I love the moments of synchronicity and perfect alignment!
How are you connecting with the Moon, with Nature, and your Higher Self? What synchronicity have you noticed in your life?
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