Psychic Awareness Quiz

clairaudienceWe all have a natural psychic and intuitive ability, and our main psychic sense often mirrors how we use our physical senses. Take the quiz below and find out which clair is your strongest asset.

Question 1
When you remember a childhood experience, do you:

A. See it in your mind, like a movie, with vivid colour or visual detail?
B. Re-live the emotions and the sensations?
C. Hear the conversations, ambient noises and sounds?
D. Feel that you have captured the moment in the library of your mind?
E. Not remember much about your childhood.

Question 2
When you go on holiday, what is the first thing you notice?

A. The view, the sights, how the room looks
B. The vibe of the place, the excitement
C. The music, the sounds
D. Your excitement about all the things you can discover here
E. You never really notice anything special

Question 3
When someone explains something to you, are you more likely to say:

A. I see what you mean
B. I feel it / I’m not feeling it
C. I hear ya / I hear what you mean
D. I understand
E. Don’t know/unsure of what you respond

Question 4
When someone is lying to you, do you:

A. See it in their face?
B. Feel a funny vibe?
C. Hear it in their voice?
D. Just know it for unseen reason?
E. Feel unsure and terrible at picking up liars.

Question 5
When you meet someone new, do you:

A. Give this person a good (and discreet) look-over to appraise what they’re all about?
B. Have a feeling about ‘who he really is’?
C. Listen to this person for a while before making your mind up?
D. Have a clear and instant “knowing” about their personality and if you could get along?
E. Feel you’re a terrible judge of character.

Question 6
When you go somewhere new, do you first:

A. People-watch to get an idea of what happens and get visual clues as to how to fit in?
B. Get a feel for for the place?
C. Listen to what’s going on around you – the sounds, the music, the conversations?
D. Try to get as much information about everything?
E. Just wait for someone to tell you what to do?

Question 7
When you learn something new, do you prefer:

A. To see it in writing – in a book, on a handout, or a visual presentation, in your notes?
B. To have someone demonstrate the new skill or information for you, or use models or props you can touch, then practice to get a feel for it?
C. To hear it explained to you, and listen to the same recorded class several times?
D. To ask many questions and research various sources of information?
E. Feel you don’t learn very well, and it’s just not getting through to you?

Question 8
When you’re on the phone, do you:

A. Picture who is calling, and see the other person in your mind?
B. Feel the emotions of whoever is on the line?
C. Tend to listen more than you talk?
D. Just knew who was calling, even a few minutes before the phone rang?
E. Keep it very business-like?

Question 9
When you have a dream or a nightmare, do you:

A. Keep replaying the scene in your mind, and see vivid details?
B. Wake up feeling “weird” or “icky” and have trouble shaking off the feeling of the dream?
C. Remember the conversations and sounds of it?
D. Have a knowingness about the dream and its meaning?
E. Never remember your dreams.

Question 10
When you think about and work with your Spirit Guide, do you:

A. Have a picture of them in your mind?
B. Just feel them behind or around you?
C. Hear their voice or sounds?
D. Have this true knowingness that they have your back no matter what?
E. Not receive any clues or signs about them.

Question 11
In previous psychic experiences, have you:

A. Seen a ghost or orbs?
B. Felt as if someone has been watching you?
C. Heard the voice of a deceased loved one or unseen presence?
D. Known when a house is haunted?
E. Never noticed anything special, although others were feeling spooked.

Question 12
When you meditate, do you:

A. Visualise yourself in a safe or beautiful place?
B. Just go with the flow and whatever comes next?
C. Focus on the music and your inner voice?
D. Trust that you’ll be given what you need?
E. Typically find it difficult to switch off.

If you answered…

Mostly A’s

YOU ARE CLAIRVOYANT: CLAIRVOYANCE is the psychic ability to see. When you are attuned to this sense, you can see events in your imagination. You might see ghosts, auras, orbs or spirits.

Mostly B’s

YOU ARE CLAIRSENTIENT: CLAIRSENTIENCE is the psychic ability to feel. You are naturally intuitive and have empathy for others. You might need frequent time on your own because you feel too much and can get easily overwhelmed in public or crowded places.

Mostly C’s

YOU ARE CLAIRAUDIENT: CLAIRAUDIENCE is the spiritual ability to hear. You have the ability to obtain information from sound, and your spiritual guidance will likely focus on words or tonalities.

Mostly D’s

YOU HAVE THE GIFT OF KNOWING: CLAIRCOGNIZANCE is the spiritual ability to “know”.
You will feel that Spirit and guides will send you information almost like a “download”. You will just know something and you’ll have no idea how or why.

Mostly E’s

YOU CANNOT TRUST YOURSELF! You might be carrying fears, closed thought patterns, shame or karmic experiences that have closed down your ability to use your intuition. You will need to work on your Root Chakra to feel safe first, then your heart and mind could open to your psychic senses.

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