Reflections to balance your Solar Plexus Chakra

Whether you’re the A-type control-freak or on the other end of the spectrum as too laid-back let-others-decide B-type, your Solar Plexus chakra is likely out of balance.  You’ll find more peace, freedom and joy by finding the middle ground.

Your reflections this week:

  • When you feel the victim of others’ decisions, when you feel overwhelmed, when you feel spiralling down out of control into self-pity…  remember your power to CHOOSE.  In the moment, select one action you can do right now to feel better.  This action can be as simple as taking a 2-minute breathing break, or it may be to walk away from a situation that is making you feel at odds with yourself. Say to yourself, “I choose (name the action or feeling), because I am the creator of my life experience and I want to experience (name what you want to experience).”
  • Learn to befriend your ego.  Know the difference between the voice of your spirit and the voice of your ego.  Ego will seek to make you feel “less than” or “more than”…  always in comparison to  others.  Spirit is calm, centered, peaceful, non-judgemental.
  • Remember that the perception of making mistakes, and the fear of making mistakes, is very disempowering.  When you have created a life experience you don’t like, choose to undo, to forgive, and to create something different.  Meditate on what it is that you have learned from that “mistake”.

Let me know how you’re shifting in the creation of your life experience.  Do you need help figuring things out?  Do you need help finding the lesson in a less-than-stellar experience?  Let’s chat!