Setting Motivating Intentions That Work

If you’re even remotely on social media, I’m sure you’ve received your share of “New Year, New You” solicitations.  A new year is always a good time to do a life review, and to resolve to change habits and patterns that can keep you away from what you really want to experience in life.  It’s a great practice… but the HUGE problem with this is that most people don’t know how to set intentions and choose aligned actions that will propel them on the path of their desire – and this is why most new year resolutions fade and fail after just a few months.

Does this mean that you should just give up and never set an other intention ever again for fear of failing?

No, of course not.

I do encourage you, however, to choose healthy and aligned-to-you intentions.  Intentions that will support and nurture your success and life experience, instead of drowning you in obligation and fear of failure — these karmic experiences are not conducive to joy, health and abundance.

How do you set great intentions that keep motivating you to manifest your goals?

I’ve got loads of info on manifestation and intention-setting on my blog and videos on my Facebook page.  Head on over to these sites and have a look; you might just find the resource you’re looking for!  Follow this “cheat-sheet” below for a quick glimpse of the how-to and best practices.

  1. Make sure your REALLY WANT what you say you want.  If you say that you want to lose weight, get in shape, increase your income, get married…  just because every body else seems to be doing that; if you don’t feel it in your bones…  then you will not have sustained motivation to make it happen.  Your ego survival mechanism will nix your best efforts because it will not believe that it’s actually going to serve your highest good.
  2. Remember that there are no shoulds.  You get to choose and decide what you want to experience.  No marketing technique has true power over you; you don’t have to fall prey to social hype.  Don’t let yourself be “shoulded” into any obligation you feel or know deep down is not for you.
  3. Remember that you create your future in the NOW.  This means that the personal vibe you are creating and nurturing TODAY is shaping and attracting the experience of tomorrow.  Become very much aware of your vibration and its energetic definition.  Connect with this version of you that you see in your future – what is her main energetic quality?  Peace?  Strength?  Freedom? Love?  Connect this desired energy to your every decision and action NOW, and you will attract the future you desire.  This means that when you have the choice to eat the whole darn cake, or go to the gym, or spend your money, or go out on a date…  ask yourself if it brings you closer to your desired energy, or further away.  There are no right or wrong answers, so don’t judge or be hard on yourself.  Be very much aware, however, that there is a  shorter route and a long scenic route between you and your desire, and the more your actions match what you want, the closer and quicker you move to your goal.
  4. Have a plan of action.  Your ego hates change and will create so many ways to self-sabotage your efforts.  When you feel the uncertainty, doubts, or roadblocks, come back to your reason for wanting what you want.  Take the next small step.  Feel the discomfort that change brings in your life, and do the next aligned action anyway.  Reach out to a transformation coach (I have openings for my Programs!).  Have an accountability partner that will help you get off the couch or out of the research phase and into aligned action.  Staying in action becomes easier when you have an action plan and an “in case of ego tantrum” emergency plan.

Transformation is not easy; if it were, I think we would all be thin, muscular, in the perfect job, and with all the money we want in our bank account.  Transformation takes us out of our comfort zone, and asks that we embody a different personal vibe than what we’re used to.  It takes courage and faith.  It also takes the right emotional and spiritual tools.

One of the tools I offer is my program where you get to know how your ego sabotages your best efforts.  You get to uncover the stories as recorded in your chakra system, and how your ego is activating them to keep you from your transformation.  You experience how shifting your mindset can unlock more energy and manifestation power.  You learn to quiet down the doubts, the stress, and the drama.  You uncover the next right action that will nurture you and sustain your energy toward your goals.

Image of Jaz with incense sticks, redirecting to online learning centre
Tame The 7 Voices Of Ego – Harmonize your chakra centres to unleash your confidence & magnetism

The Program is available online, as soon as you’re ready to start.  Some of my students already have access to the learning centre (available as soon as you register!) and already have experienced aha moments.  I find there’s nothing more empowering than realizing how you actively, although unconsciously, put the brakes on your desires.  I love lifting the lid off those sabotaging, belittling mindsets!  Doing so opens up a brave new world of possibilities.

If you feel called, at soul-level, to transform your stuck stories so you feel empowered; if you’re ready to end ego’s hold on your creative projects; if you’re ready to heal the “not-good-enough” and “not-sure-that-I-deserve” mindsets; if you’re ready to craft intentions and action plans that nurture your true self…  this is your invitation to jump in and do something about it.  Click here to register.  You can choose to receive only the online class, or add the group coaching calls, or add the VIP treatment with private sessions that will truly move you on your unique path.
I am wishing you the best, most joyful, most aligned year yet!

Much Love,