She is Goddess, High Priestess, and Witch

Within every woman, there is a sparkling jewel.
Shimmering, pulsating, magnetizing, electrifying.
Glowing with desire and delight.
Strong in its wisdom.
Solid in its faith.

This jewel is a bridge between worlds.

When a woman cherishes her jewel,
She is strong.
She is brave.
She is savvy.
She is lavish.
She is sovereign.

She glows with that certain “je ne sais quoi
Like the Mona Lisa smile.
Like the woman suspecting pregnancy.
Mysterious, inspirited, blissful.

She knows life is an adventure
And that she is gifted with all she needs
To craft this adventure to her liking.

And the sparkles of her beauty and power
Light the world around her,
Pave her journey with magic,
Create harmony out of chaos.

Her life becomes celebration.
Her dreams become reality.
The world becomes gentler.

In her beauty, in her strength,
In her wisdom, in her abundance,
In her grace, in her fortitude…
She is crowned.

She is Goddess
She is High Priestess.
She is Witch.

And the River of Life flows through her.