Shift into transformation!

Happy Summer Solstice!  Happy National Aboriginal Day!  Happy celebration of YOU and your will and desire to implement aligned action to manifest your heart’s desire!

Good thing this is the longest day of the year; there’s much to celebrate!  I’m currently between a wonderful community-building call, and leaving soon for my son’s graduation from Grade 8 (he’s made the honour roll!).  I have been working on calling energy and I’ve done some spell work.  And I’m getting ready for two wonderful events this weekend: my Summer Open House on Saturday, and a Goddess Energy workshop on Sunday.

I just wanted to share some good energy juju with you and let you know that I’ve been playing with snake energy.  Yikes!  What?

Snake energy found me many years ago, but I’ve always been reluctant and scared.  I found out however that snakes can be really soft and smooth!  Here’s a pic to prove that I’ve actually touched one:

That was back in 2009, when I made a conscious decision to accept the invitation to handle a snake.  I was scared!  But I decided to take action and face my fear, and I admit I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth and cool the snake felt as it slithered around in my hands.  Little did I know I was also accepting Universe’s / Sprit’s invitation to play with Snake Energy.  I later saw a very angry snake being all cobra with me in Brazil, in 2011, under the sacred waterfall, which precipitated lots of healing at a deep level and my departure from the federal government.  Then about two years ago, it was two HUGE rat snakes at a retreat lovemaking in my reiki room, over my doorsill.  I had to walk underneath them several times as I entered and exited my reiki room to get the groundskeeper to move the lovers back to nature.  This really signalled to me a time of celebration for lessons learned, and the start of embodiment of the new energy.  To tap it all off, I just learned through my acupuncturist that Snake is in my personal chart, signifying lots of healing and shape-shifting abilities.

I’m sharing all this with you today because we have entered a great time of shifting, realignment, and re-creation of our self.  Just like the snake, we are called to shed an old skin and emerge stronger, bigger, wiser.  As today is the Solstice, the energy is perfect to put a plan into action to move toward this re-imagining of who we want to be, how we want to show up in our world.

To me, this means really stepping up in my leadership role, both in my local community and as a healer.  There will be many changes this summer as I transform my website and offerings, so that how I show up in the outer world reflects even more how I am in my inner world.  It will be magical!

Your invitation:  Take a moment today to reconnect with your desire, and how you want to show up in your world.  Who do you need to be to make the changes you want to see?  How can you align yourself with this version of you?  List 5 concrete actions that will help you bridge the gap.  Hop on to my Facebook Page and let me know how you are committed to your own transformation.  I’d love to hear from you!

Speaking of my Facebook page, I posted this in my student community last night to help them think about, and design their private ceremony today.  I regularly share this information with my students in both my Reiki and Intuition Development programs.  The next enrolment dates will be in September, and programs will be offered both in person and ONLINE!  (can I get a woot! woot!)  Keep your eyes peeled for the dates, and let me know if you’re interested in  joining my on a journey of transformation and empowerment!

  • It’s the Summer Solstice! This is the time of year to take action, and implement aligned actions that will grow your dreams. All those nice intentions you set earlier in the year? Take action on them now. It’s not the time to dream anymore – resting and sunbathing and soaking in energy; yes! But not “just thinking” about your dream. Do it! 🙂

    What’s on your altar to celebrate the sun, and activate your manifesting power? Crystals, oils, colours?

    If you need tips… yellows and oranges work wonderfully with the Solstice energy. Sunflowers, citrines, carnelians, lemons, oranges… You could add “work tools” (because it’s a season of action, weed what you don’t want, fertilize what you do want) – these could be symbolized by garden tools, gloves to represent your healing hands, your woo-tools (crystals, pendulums, Tarot), your business cards, an image of your website, something representing your ideal client… Let your imagination and intuition guide you in symbolizing your next right action toward your goal. Deeply commit to YOU, to your self-care, to your goals, and to whom you are becoming.

    Have fun and enjoy the process!

I’m surrounding you in Love and Light!