Shining: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Merry Solstice!


I just spent time in the garden this afternoon, loving the sun on my skin and the wind in my hair. It is so windy that I thought the leaves rustling in the wind almost sound like the waves of the ocean. It was very relaxing! And invigorating, and inspiring too!

I was meditating about all the “weird” energies being felt at this time, on this day of the Solstice which coincides with the Full Moon. Some people are bursting with happiness; some have life events “blow up”; many feel the need for a deep spiritual cleansing to help with the shifts in energy and karmic boundaries they are experiencing. Have you been feeling changes in your mood and attitude this past week, too?

Here’s a bit of an explanation of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly…  and I’m not talking about a Hollywood classic 😉


The Summer Solstice marks the longest day of the year (YAY!). The Sun is a masculine element, and receiving this energy consciously helps channel our life-force energy. We can see more clearly the path ahead to reach our objectives and heart desires. It is easier to find the right next action. We can bathe in the feelings of joy and optimism.

The Full Moon brings the feminine reflective energy in full force. Our intuition is heightened. We can better understand and easily release what blocks us, or holds us back on our path.

We are experiencing a strong marriage between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine principles present in each of us, and in all of Nature. So dance those silly wedding dances, celebrate life, let your hair down and kick off your shoes! It’s time to SHINE!! It’s time to allow your intuition shape your best dream, for your highest good. It’s time to allow your intuition to shape the plan, and to set magic in motion for manifesting your desires. It’s also time to ACT – don’t just think, or muse, or meditate on that which you desire: take action steps!

This can be very exciting!


With all that light shining and being reflected… there aren’t many places to hide! What is not working in your life for your highest good will likely fall apart. Becoming aware of some incongruences, mis-creations, and misalignments in your life can kick up feelings of unease if not downright anger and shame.

If you have been hiding your Light in the past months (or years!) and have not been taking action steps toward your Highest Dream… you might feel overwhelmed and even panicked with this energy urging your forward. Just see it for what it is: resistance. Breathe, and remember that you ARE good enough, smart enough, ready enough to take that step. Breathe, and remember that life gets easier when you dance with Spirit. Breathe, and trust that your intuition, your gut feelings, and your intelligence will show you the way.

The unease is simply part of your transformation at this time.


All this extra cosmic light and reflective energy might bring up patterns or events from your past that are less than stellar, and that you had hoped had buried deep down. You might feel waves of shame, helplessness, anger, bitterness, resentment… You might feel deep sadness or a grieving process. You might experience outbursts of emotions and not know why, or what they’re all about. You might experience friction in relationships that are not well aligned.

Please know that all that you consider your “ugliness”… is your self-judgment. It is also partly resistance from your ego self, kicking and screaming like a two-year-old because it is afraid of the changes it sees on the horizon. Your own shadows might be brewing up a storm to keep the status quo and stop you from growing or progressing on your path.

And there is no place to hide self-judgment and self-criticism at this time! With so much Light, the Shadow world is shrunk, even though the shadows look longer and deeper. Before you blast out this fearful and low-vibration energy on someone else, and before you reflect it back at you until you feel you’re energetically baking under an unforgiving desert sun… Breathe!

Take respite, and reflect under the Full Moon: what have you learned from your experience? How has it made you wiser, stronger, more knowledgeable in what you like and what you don’t like? In how many ways can you be more self-loving, more self-caring? How many steps can you take toward forgiveness? What are you ready to release? What are you ready to receive, and increase in your life to bring in more joy and abundance?

Meditate with open hands, allowing your grip to loosen on the status quo and making space to receive all the goodness Spirit has ready for you.

Alchemy of Luna and Sol. Source/Artist unknown
Alchemy of Luna and Sol. Source/Artist unknown


Come my darling! Come my love!
Let me show you all the ways in which you shine!
Allow me to stoke your inner fire.
Give me your burdens; my fire will purify them.
Choose to set yourself free!

Feel free, my darling, my love!
Feel free, and dance with me!

Come my darling! Come my love!
Drink up the elixir of the Great Mystery.
I will open the gate to your intuition.
Give me your burdens; my wisdom will teach you their blessings.
Choose the path of Love and non-resistance.

Surrender, my darling, my love!
Surrender, and dance with me!