Spiritual Guidance for June 2017

Listening to messages from the insect world

This month’s Spiritual Reading is less Oracle, more Shamanic… I have been noticing the various dances of insects in and around my home, in other people’s stories, and in the general energy being experienced around me. We all have/are a piece of the greater puzzle, and this month we are called to share this piece, and to come out of our “underground nest” to swirl into greater action, greater visibility, greater vibration.

Question for reflection – and please share your insights in the comments!

  • What is your gift, wish, or talent that you are bringing forth in the world? How do you want to contribute?
  • What have you been noticing in terms of animal totems or energetic changes?
  • How can you work with a greater community towards a greater goal?
  • What concrete action can you commit to this month toward that greater goal?

Let’s raise some good vibes together!