Starting Fresh: Oracle Reading for 2017

This is what I look like at around 5AM after a long night’s vigil! 🙂  After meditating and consulting Spirit Guides all night, here is a simple yet insightful reading about the year ahead.

Past-Present-Future Oracle Reading for this Winter Solstice, using “The Map” cards by Colette Baron-Reid.

Past (2016): Ghostlands: leave the past in the past. Revisiting and holding on to events, relationships and energy that does not support or nurture you can keep you from your highest path. 2016 was a year of completion, and many things fell apart — which is a good thing because, if you let them go, they only made space for the new.

Present – your energy or strength moving forward: Heal the Ouch. This is the year to hire a spiritual teacher, a mentor or a coach. You can’t heal your deepest pain on your own, because you are likely blind to the root cause. Heal deeply, so you don’t bring that karma forward in your new creations.

Future (2017): Follow the Leader. Remember that the true leader of your life is YOU. You have free will. You can choose. You can co-create with Spirit. Don’t blindly follow the coach, mentor or teacher… receive the messages you need to hear, and then follow you intuition in the application of these messages and guidance. You are the one to make the changes in your life – no one else can make these changes for you. They can bring you to the Source, but can’t force you to drink of it…