Step back from what’s getting on your nerves

First quarter moon in Scorpio… Isn’t she beautiful and bright in the night sky? Under the sign of the Scorpio, it’s a good time to take a step back from what (or whom) is getting on your nerves.  It is recommended to dive within to find the answers to why certain people and situations irritate you.  You’re very likely to find that the original sting is found within yourself.  Take out your journal or your art supplies, pour yourself a nice green smoothie or a glass of wine, and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the truth behind this situation?
  • Is this a mirror for something in you, that you don’t love?
  • Is it a reflection of a past hurt — e.g. when you were young someone told you how to act proper, and now someone around you is acting like you when you were young, and there’s a bit of that jealous sting of “why can he/she get away with this when I have to act proper?”
  • What are the beliefs you absorbed earlier in life, and are now at the surface for your examination? Which belief do you want to keep, and which are you ready to change or release?
  • Where/ in what situation/ in which life area do you not feel safe? What can you do to feel safer, and nurtured?

When you take time to go deep, and learn from your triggers instead of just reacting to them, you accelerate your healing path. Goddess Persephone can be your guide through your shadow world, so you can emerge (after the full moon) with more confidence and strength, instead of perpetuating the characteristics of the victim archetype.

Note –> every time you dwell on questions such as, “why is this happening to me?” or “this isn’t fair”… you are in the archetype of the victim, because you are giving your inner power away to situations, external circumstances, or other people. When you learn to navigate through the pain and gain insights and life lessons, you emerge as Queen. No one has power over your soul. You regain sovereignty of your life. You regain your strength, and your inner peace.

Your invitation: take time out on these beautiful summer evenings to meditate with the moon, and reflect on your life lessons. Where are you ready to reclaim your sovereignty? What aligned action can you commit to doing in the next 2 weeks? How can you be more open to spiritual guidance?

Share your insights below – I’d love to hear from you!