Stuck in self-pity? Try this.

You know that inner whiny voice that loves to repeat, “Why is this always happening to me?” Yeah, that one. The one that makes you feel like you want to curl up in a ball on the floor and tune out the world. The one that throws a tamper tantrum. The one that feels stuck, lost and disillusioned.

If you’re like me, your first gut reaction might be to tell the Inner Whiner to snap out of it. You’d like to slap it, shame it, and discipline it out of your life. And yet, you know it would not improve the situation. This approach might actually make matters worse.

What if there was an other way? What if instead of anger and frustration, you used love and compassion?

There are three main lessons I have learned over the years listening to the Inner Whiner.

  1. Part of that voice is rooted in our Inner Child. It acts out its hurts. It is looking for attention and love in ways that are negative because that is what it knows. The Inner Whiner reminds us of all the ways we lacked nurturing, comfort, and love through our life, and especially in childhood. It is an imprint of one of our earliest coping mechanisms.
  2. An other part of that voice is egoic resistance. It works so hard to keep us safe in what we know, and is so resistant to trying anything new because new actions and experiences will bring unknown consequences. Resistance is very creative. I have witnessed it manifest colds, flus, punctured tires, clumsiness, twisted ankles, sudden loss of money or big expenses… and so many more ways to distract my clients from working on their soul purpose. This part is very adverse to change and will do anything to stop us from changing and transforming our lives!
  3. The other part of that voice is much calmer. It is genuinely interested in knowing why patterns keep repeating themselves. It can puzzle for hours on why relationships go sour, or why business is slow to develop, or why a certain person has such a trigger effect. It is a logical observer who loves to research and create links between various life events. It is, however, more invested in the research aspect — and finding someone or something to blame — than in the resolution of the situation. Even though you receive insights, you still feel stalled and stuck.

Armed with this knowledge, what can you do to when Inner Whiner pops up in your life?

  1. Ask yourself how you could be more nurturing toward yourself. Take an extra break during the day if possible. Get a manicure before driving home from work. Do mirror work where you look into your eyes and affirm self-love. Be your ideal parent to your Inner Child.
  2. Become crystal clear on your intentions, on why you choose these intentions, and what help or resources you need to manifest these intentions.  Ask for help and share your needs with others.  If you don’t speak up for what you want, others won’t know how to support you!  Give your Inner Child a voice so it stops whining and becomes instead a magical co-creator.
  3. Remember that the greater your transformation, the greater the egoic resistance. Become curious about all the ways resistance can show up in your life. Develop a sense of humour about all the times you take a detour from your intention or objective. Monitor your excuses, and don’t allow them to take control of your life. Ask your Spirit Guides to alert you when you’re taking a detour, and listen to their guidance.
  4. Find the root causes of why patterns recur in your life, and clear their energy. Don’t stay there, however — implement new actions that will change your karmic patterns and realign them to what you truly want to experience instead.

I would love to support you! I can help you identify egoic resistance and channel your Spirit Guides so you receive specific guidance on how to implement and manifest your intention. As your mentor, I act as a guide on your path, alerting you to roadblocks and detours. I can point out the easier roads to your intention. I work with your team of Spirit Guides so you feel nurtured, supported, and divinely co-creative.

I can also support you with a Life Situation Reading, where I look in your Akashic Records for the root causes of different situations showing up in your life. Do you have, for example, a recurring sinus infection, a defective furnace, trouble finding new clients, a lack of enthusiasm, and pain in your legs? All these situations which don’t seem to be connected at all might have one or two energetic root causes. When that root cause is cleared – it’s like pulling out the huge dandelion root; the problems seem to magically disappear. With that gone, you now have energy to create your new reality.

If you’re ready to step more in your divinity in way that flows with ease and harmony, I am ready to help. Let’s learn to love and disarm the Inner Whiner, and create an up-levelled life experience! Let’s Talk!