The Akashic Records Guides Have Spoken

Key Lessons and Life Areas to Heal As We Enter 2017

Merry Solstice!

As I look outside my window, I am in awe at the beauty of Nature.  The snow looks perfect, blanketing everything in white caps.  The birds are active at the feeder.  I am still radiating from the energy of my all-night Solstice vigil during the night of December 20th – 21st.

This year felt like a brand-new experience, for I was not alone in my celebration.  My exchange student from Australia chose to stay up with me all night and participated in the meditations, spirit drawing, and Oracle Readings.  She only fell asleep after sunrise, during our very last yoga pose.  What a trooper!  She enjoyed her experience.

I was also joined by my friend Candy Hozza (have you watched our previous video conversation on the Akashic Records?).  Together, we channelled over 2 hours of guidance and energy clearings from the Akashic Records, from about midnight to 2:30AM!  I will be editing the videos in the days to come and will share them with you in various segments.  There were four key lessons and clearings:

  1. Money:  a reminder that money is energy, and it’s important to manage our own energy and belief system around money.  Some of the money blocks are ancestral imprints and vows around lack of flow, and the good news is it’s time now to release these. I felt validated in my teachings – and those of you who attended my “Money Energetics” workshops will know how it’s important to reflect on beliefs you choose to incorporate in your psyche.  Your beliefs create your reality.  I will be offering this workshop again in 2017.
  2. Love & Relationships: The Akashic Guides instructed us to clear relationship blocks, especially familial and mother-daughter relationships. They provided guidance on how to release relationships that are dysfunctional and negative, and insisted that toxic relationships be released before the end of the year so as to not carry their energy forward in the new year.
  3. Divine Purpose:  It’s time to stop playing small!  In what areas of your life have you been hiding your true talents and brilliance?  Where are your ego and your fears keeping you stuck?  Where are you embarrassed about your spiritual gifts?  The guidance in this area surfaced often during the night: this is the year to come out of the spiritual closet.  Find a coach and mentor.  Shine your light.  We are starting with bright new energy and…  “resistance is futile”…
  4. Sense of worthiness: This is a key feeling which permeates all other aspects of the lessons and clearings.  You must feel internally worthy to allow yourself to step into the flow of abundance, to receive more money, to create nurturing relationships, to step up to your Divine Purpose.  This can be a very powerful year for each of us – if we allow it.

I’ll share the videos and specific clearings with you in future blog posts.  I do need time for the editing process, for my own integration process… and to rest from this super-cool intuitive night I spent with Spirit!

Here are some of my services that can support you in the four specific areas discussed in the Winter Solstice readings in the Akashic Records:

  1. Money: Your Akashic Records can shed light on any vows, soul contracts, imprints or beliefs currently affecting you and your ability to be in the flow of life’s abundance.  Clearing these will help you make choices that are more in alignment with your divinity – rather than your fears.  If you’re a business owner, consider a full VIP-day, where we will not only look at your Soul Profile and move you to soulful realignment; we will work with the Law of Polarity to reset your money flow and create a strategy for the next 6 to 12 months.
  2. Love & Relationships:  Learn how to address your relationships from the perspective of the Akashic Records. You will receive information and guidance on the relationship between you and an other soul; your karmic relationship; as well as the lessons you have chosen to experience with each other. This reading is not necessarily focused on romantic relationships, although that is certainly a valid application. This reading can be done for parents and children, family members, business partners … all the relationships that deeply impact you on your path.
  3. Divine Purpose:  I have a wonderful 6-month journey program which combines the wisdom of your Akashic Records, Reiki, and Shamanic journeys.  This program will validate your soul gifts and soul lessons.  I will show you how to make life and business choices that are in alignment with your own beautiful and unique soulful blueprint.  I will support you as you bring thoughtful choices to your life.  You will find that life becomes easier and more magical.  You will overcome fears and anxieties that kept you feeling small.  You will learn to step into your radiance.  If you’re a business owner, consider a full VIP-day, where we design a unique business plan for you which will be a true reflection of your soul purpose and heart-centred mission.
  4. Sense of worthiness:  Reiki sessions and shamanic journeying can help you feel more centred, aligned, and divinely guided.  Learn to move in the flow of life’s abundance.  Reconnect with your Higher Self, and with Mother Earth.
  5. Oracle Readings: Wondering what energies await you in 2017?  Would you like to feel ready for the changes ahead?  A Wheel of the Year Tarot & Oracle Reading gives you a month-to-month view of key challenges, changes, and spiritual helpers ready to work and dance with you in the year ahead.

If you feel moved or called to work with me, let’s have a chat to see what service or program is best for you and your soulful objectives.

Enjoy the last few weeks of 2016.  May they bring great inner reflection to guide you to your wisdom, self-love, and manifestation of your divinity.