The benefits of Lepidolite Crystal

Feast your eyes on this #crystal eye candy… it’s the delicious Lepidolite.

Lepidolite forms in hexagons like you see on the photo, and also in scaly/layered masses. The colours include lavender, pink, deeper purples… and can have a shiny light-reflecting surface. It’s a beauty for gazing meditations!

Energetically, lepidolite works on the emotions to soothe anxiety, stress, and an overactive, over-chatty mind. It is deeply relaxing. Meditating with lepidolite can help you overcome stress, worry, fear, grief and other such emotional frequencies.

If you want to balance your emotions and return to a zen-like state of BEING, work with lepidolite. Hold it in your palms during meditation, or place it on your heart or forehead to work specifically with balancing these chakra centres. You can also tuck it in your pillowcase for night-time relief of that monkey brain.

Consider combining with #doTERRA Console or Serenity blends to further enhance the relaxing and calming experience. (find these excellent essential oils blends here: )