The Troll on the bridge

The Throat Chakra is, obviously, located at the centre of your throat.  Its associated colour ranges from a light sky-blue to deep turquoise.  Its associated element is ether, or sound vibration.  As I mentioned in last week’s article, it is the place from which we can express our Truth.

The Throat Chakra acts like an energy bridge between the physical and emotional world, and the mental and spiritual world.  Through this energy centre, ideas and spiritual sparks can flow down to the heart centre then to the lower chakras so that ideas can become manifest.  The flow of energy also goes up from the lower chakras to the upper chakras to feed the imagination, nurture spiritual rituals and transmute raw physical energy and drive into an expression of the divine. It is important that this bridge has good two-way traffic.

Visualize this bridge – take a good look at it and notice your thoughts and feelings.  Is the circulation of energy, thoughts, or emotions fluid between both physical and spiritual sides, or is there gridlock?  Or worse… is everything in chaos due a resident troll? Most of us are familiar with this troll:  he’s the one who makes us doubt the thoughts or insights we receive.  He makes us doubt that proper abundance in the physical world can help sustain a rich spiritual life.  He shoots words out in anger without thinking of the repercussions.  He would have us believe that our plans, our heart desires or soul purpose is not good enough; or that WE are not good enough, smart enough, talented enough to fully express our soul purpose in the “real world”.  He takes all our inspired ideas and jumbles them up or rips them apart until we feel stuck in utter inner and outer confusion and chaos.  You might even feel him at work when that beautiful brain of yours won’t stop chatting away at night; or when pressure builds up in your head and causes severe headaches; or when stress accumulates in your mind and body that you even forget how to breathe.

Do you know this troll?  Are you familiar with his work?

Like all magical creatures, trolls have a vulnerable side.  There is something you can do to put him to sleep, make him smaller and retake control of your bridge.  This secret is:

Your vibration.

And you’re in control of your vibration – don’t let the troll make you believe otherwise.

Know this: when you’re in harmony, when your vibrations reflect your Truth, when you feel aligned body-mind-spirit…  it’s like you’re singing a lullaby to that troll and he can do no harm anymore.  What can you do to retake control of your vibration and banish the troll from your sacred bridge?  Here are a few quick tips:

  • OHM:  practice chanting this mantra outloud.  Play with it; find the tonality that resonates in your whole body – it’s really cool when it happens!  Finding your own OHM tonality will bring all your chakras back in balance, and then watch the magic happen in your life.
  • Change your tunes:  Just like the troll, our bodies, mind and emotions react to vibration.  The vibration of music can enhance our mood or keep us in a depressed state. Choose your music wisely by being aware of how each song makes you feel.  Make a special playlist with tunes that make you feel good, and play it the moment you feel your mind is going down the “not good enough” path, or to perk you up when you feel down.
  • Positive vibes:  Words have strong vibrations on many levels.  Practice saying good things about you.  Look at your reflection in the mirror and state 1-3 things you appreciated about you.  State your love for the world out loud.  Praise others, and praise Spirit.  Trust me, these word vibrations will nourish your soul at a deep level.

Do you feel you’ve given over control to the troll and need help regaining your power?  I can help you change your vibes.  My sessions are intuitive as I tap into what your soul wants you to know.  I connect to higher realms using Reiki, an energy that can help shift and deeply transform how you feel.  Click here to book an appointment.

Surrounding you in Love & Light.