The ups & downs of saying “YES” to your soul’s dream

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Spiritual Conversation with @LisaStaples of @NourishingHealthstyles
Lisa Staples is a professional accountant turned health enthusiast. After spending years dealing with various symptoms, she was forced to take her health into her own hands when she could not get the help she needed through her family doctor and conventional medicine. After a lot of trial and mostly error, she realized that the best way to obtain optimal health is through healthy diet and lifestyle choices.
In her journey to optimal health, Lisa became a Health Coach to fulfill her new found vocation of helping other women through health issues, so they wouldn’t have to struggle like she did.
In this conversation with Lisa Staples, we talk about:
:: Transitioning from a formal career to the coaching world.
:: How a misaligned career can have a negative impact on your physical and mental wellbeing.
:: The importance of saying “yes” to your soul purpose — even when you don’t know the “how”.
:: The importance of planning your transition from employment to business ownership.
:: When your spouse or partner is not full on board with your plan or dream…
:: Top Tips for women looking to start a business.
:: Why meditation is important.
:: Why you are the one to choose to be happy now.
:: Essential oils to nurture you body, mind and soul.
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