Time to get in the saddle

Just get started! Whatever your life dream, purpose or mission – saddle up and get going!

Too many people wait for the perfect time, the perfect strategy, the perfect model… Too many people waste time delaying their dreams because they’re afraid of not having right or perfect from the get-go.

Life is one of these things that you don’t know how it will turn out until you DO IT. LIVE IT. EXPERIENCE IT.

Remember the first time you rode a bicycle? I was really scared and wobbly. I didn’t know how to stop. I thought my father was still behind me holding my saddle while he was behind proudly looking at me pedal on my own. Until I bumped into a car that was parked on the sidewalk – I didn’t have the hang of the back-pedal to break yet… There was a mix of exhilaration, pride, confusion and then some.

Starting on your spiritual path, on your dream, on your heart-biz is just the same. You won’t get it perfect from the get-go.

Imagine if I had read lots of books on riding a bicycle, or received coaching on riding a bicycle without ever riding. Would that have made me a better rider the first time around? Probably not. Experience, flow, ease and grace come with the DOING.

Same with your dream. Stop waiting for the perfect time. Start doing NOW. It can be small things:

  • your first business cards — some online companies offer 200 cards for $20 bucks – so what if you change your design 5 times before finding the one that lands?
  • your first offer — it won’t be the “ultimate package”, but how else will you know how people react to what you offer unless you work with them? Ask them to work with you? Hone your skills?
  • a mentored practice — where you work closely with a coach or teacher to apply your skills, ask all your questions, and learn to fly your own wings… or ride your own bike. A mentored practice keeps you in action instead of focusing on intellectual knowledge. Don’t get me wrong: knowledge is great! But it doesn’t serve you (or others) if it stays in your head and never gets put to practice.

Delaying and waiting for everything to be perfect is called “egoic resistance” and is meant to keep you from experiencing your desires.

I want you to shine, to work your magic, to live your purpose. I’d love to help you ride your own bike and watch you pedal away as you gain your confidence and rhythm. I feel like a proud mama with each of my students and clients. If you’re ready to stop just dreaming and start MANIFESTING, let’s talk!