Turn your can’ts into cans, and your dreams into plans!

If you’re here, you are deeply invested in your spiritual development and growth. You know you have a Soul Mission, and that the time has come for you to implement soulful changes in your life.  You want to be led by Spirit; you want to cherish your spiritual gifts; you want to create everyday magic.  You dream and pray for ways to express you true self, and stop being in hiding of who you are at soul level.

At the same time, you may feel scared, judged, and lacking in grounded strategy.  You know that other people or coaches’ “blueprints” don’t work for you.  You may feel as if there’s important information missing from your life.  You may wonder why, in spite of all you know about spiritual growth, meditation, and the Law of Attraction, you still find it difficult to create the experience you want.  You feel stuck.  Success eludes you.  You may believe you have bad karma or huge spiritual blocks.  Or maybe you just don’t know where and how to start…

Your Akashic Records hold the keys to your soul’s wisdom.

Imagine accessing the library of your soul’s existence, where all your choices and decisions are recorded.  Imagine tapping in the wisdom that will help you:

  • find a way to clear old spiritual blocks and change karmic patterns keeping you stuck and disempowered;
  • become crystal-clear about your soul’s gifts, lessons and purpose;
  • understand why you get stuck in your process of inner and outer transformation;
  • develop your proficiency in attracting exactly the experiences you choose to have;
  • find the juice you need to power your soul’s mission.


How would that change your life?


You are a powerful co-creator of your life experience.  I’m here to mentor you in your journey as you discover, experiment with, and implement this super-power in your life!

Do you realize how powerful you are?  It’s in the Universal Law of Karma.

Karma is not punitive.  It’s not even a bi**h.  Karma is the law of choices and consequences.  It governs all life experiences.  It determines what and who you attract – whether that’s the relationships in your life, the money in your bank account, or even the state of your physical health.  Karma’s rule is that everything you experience must be the result of an energetically similar choice YOU made.  Therefore, nothing ever happens “to” you. Everything that shows up in your experience — every circumstance, every person, every interaction — is a vibrational match for a pattern of choices you have recently made or are currently engaging in. If something shows up in your life… you have created/attracted it. There are no exceptions to this rule. Every moment of every day, you are making choices, and therefore participate in the creation of your karma!   To change your life experience, you must become aware of your energetic choices and actions.  You have power to CHANGE your karma! It’s about vibrational matching.


You therefore have the ability to deliberately create the soulful life experience of your choosing.  You have that power; learn how to use it!


Through my  mentorship programs, you will experience a profound transformation in your life experiences. You will attract new experiences more aligned with your soul’s purpose. You will learn how to create more of what you want. You will break through to a new level of spiritual growth and evolution.

Are you ready to transform your life?

  • Receive a new level of guidance and insight for your own highest path and purpose.
  • Embrace your intuitive potential at a profound level.
  • Step into a new relationship with Spirit.
  • Systematically discover who you are as a spiritual Being, and what are your Soul-level purpose and lessons for this lifetime.
  • Discover with accuracy and precision the negative blocks and restrictions from present and past lives that are currently affecting your experiences.
  • Learn how to effectively and permanently realign these negative influences to create amazing shifts and changes in your life.
  • Become masterful at choosing your karma.
  • Tap into your inner courage, wisdom and strength.
  • Implement practical strategies to uplevel your life experience.
  • Find more flow, joy and harmony in your everyday creations.





 Imagine finally finding a process to heal old blocks and release old karmic patterns that are keeping you stuck. Once you learn to tap into your strengths; once you become aware of your shadows; once you learn to work with your soul’s natural manifesting blueprint… life becomes magical. You can create the life and the business your heart truly desires. It becomes easier to work through life’s messiness and sticky points. Your life, your soul’s mission, and your business can blossom. You walk forward with confidence, strength, and inner peace. I can show you the keys to your highest path – are you ready to journey? Are ready to take real, soulfully aligned action to make your dreams a reality?


Let’s talk – ask me how!

…or start by downloading the Karma Playbook where you’ll find info and easy activities to bust through 3 huge myths that keep people stuck.  When you play with the suggested activities, you’ll learn more about the ways you’ve been sabotaging yourself.  You will raise your consciousness vibes.  You will strengthen your resolve to make new choices in your life.  Click HERE and get started!  (In accepting to receive this playbook, you accept to join my email community.  I send emails about once a week with tips and strategies to work with energy.)


What my clients are saying

I used to struggle to get my business going.  Without making many changes in how I do things, my income went from $200 a month, to a constant $3,000 a month… in 6 months… and growing! I’m now attracting the best clients and having fun doing what I really want to do.  I’ve changed from the inside out – and it made such a big impact in my life and business!  Who knew chakra clearing and realigning through the Akashic Records could do that?