What is manifestation?

This seems to be such a murky topic: manifestation.  And yet, that’s what we’re here to do!

How much do you direct?  How much do you surrender?  Are you supposed to want and have desire?  Are you supposed to be an empty vessel?  So many questions, so many gurus, so many theories…


Here’s my take on manifestation, and I will outline the 4 steps below.

So I bring up a whole lot of concepts and probably raised some questions, some eyebrows and pushed some buttons with what I’ve stated in my video.  None of my videos are scripted; I go with the flow of energy and what I am inspired to share in the moment.  This moment was one of standing on my soapbox and preachin’ it so you remember how wonderful, beautiful and divine you are, and how necessary it is for you to take your responsibility in the co-creation process that we commonly call “manifestation”.


First, I will try to clarify this concept of transference.  This is a phenomenon I have noticed ever since I first started to expand my mind and my heart from the strict teachings I grew up with.  I’ve seen it over and over not only in my clients, but also in my teachers.  This is a phenomenon that is based on deep, deep, wounds, fears, and basic human psyche.

So many people have left traditional religions because their soul felt restricted.  Many have been hurt and abused physically, mentally, and emotionally by leaders in their church, or through the religious teachings.  Women especially have not been able to find a path of spiritual fulfillment through the “acceptable roles” available in their religious communities.  And they have left the traditional religions and adopted the more free-flow New Age movement.  What they haven’t left behind, however, is their pain.  They’re also carrying some of the “unspoken rules” about how to talk to the Divine, and how to co-create.

My observation and experience is that many religions teach that only a few select people can talk directly to the Divine.  Only a few select people can ask for favours, and when you ask for favours (when you pray), you better do it in a way that is almost undeserving, as if you have no right to ask for what you want.  And then there’s an unspoken belief that you shouldn’t want anything anyway, so why bother asking?  There is also a belief that there are specific ways to ask for things, whether it’s on your knees, or with a preset formula (prayer), or only on Sundays…  Oh these things push my buttons!    These hurts and rules are part of what I want to change in this world!

How does it show up in “real life”?

If you carry these old hurts and beliefs, it often shows up in one or many of these ways:

  • When asked, “what do you want?” or “what do you wish to create?”…  you just don’t know what to say.  You fumble.  You say what you think the other person wants to hear, and not what’s really in your heart.  You might feel overwhelmed, and totally clueless.
  • Or perhaps you know what you want, but you feel undeserving and guilty for wanting what you want.
  • The word “desire” feels taboo.
  • You procrastinate, self-sabotage, and find it so difficult to take action toward your dreams and your goals.
  • You believe you need someone else, yet an other certificate or an other training to tell you what to do and how to do it, instead of following your inner guidance and intuition.  In fact, you might believe you are not intuitive at all because you have blocked the flow of your inner wisdom long ago.
  • You feel sad and likely depressed – because part of your soul is still suppressed.
  • You do “spiritual escapism” where you believe that you should meditate your way to better health, better relationships, better wealth…  without taking action aligned with your desire.
  • You affirm that the Universe/Spirit/God knows what is best for you…  and you take this as an excuse for not desiring or wanting or asking for what you truly want.
  • You let life go by, and resentment can creep in, because you are sitting in meditation and waiting for the Universe to hand you something, instead of actively working toward your goal.
  • You expect that other’s blueprints, rules, codes of conduct will also work for you — this is especially true for the entrepreneur who wishes for a coach, a technique or a blueprint to tell you what to do and how to do it to reach goals that are still fuzzy in your mind…
  • You give your power of transformation away to a healer, a coach, a crystal, the Tarot, or a New Age vibe technique.
  • You have very strict rules about how you handle your sacred objects such as crystals, pendulums or tarot decks and are afraid that if someone else touches it, it will stop working for you.

Are you ready to stop that madness?

Are you ready to love yourself more, to really truly release the chains of the past, and start manifesting like the divine co-creator that you are?  Do you have enough of a half-lived life, and are you ready to take the next right action to live to your full potential?  Are you ready to step-up to the plate of divine co-creator?

So then, what is a divine co-creator?  This is where I find the role of the Priestess.  It’s none of the psychic mumbo-jumbo geared to scare you or bring you down into subservience.  Heck no!  The role of the Priestess is like a bridge between the seen and the unseen; between this 3D reality and all that is possible in the Field of Unlimited Potential.  It’s about helping you REMEMBER that YOU ARE DIVINE.  Indeed, you are a spark of the Divine.  You are Spirit, incarnated — having a physical experience here on Earth.  Your role and your purpose here on Earth is to experience Creation, then when you return to Spirit you can add all your experiences to the all-knowingness of creation.  With your divine gift of free will, you even get to choose what you’d like to experience, and how.

The dance of directing and surrendering.   This is the tango of life.  This is you in all your glory, dancing with Spirit.  You choose what you want to experience. And then, only then once you have made clear what you wish to experience, you surrender to how it can unfold for you.  You let Spirit move you.  You respond to its prompts.  You say YES to what it brings you.  Or you say NO.  You always have choice.  You never surrender you free will, and yet you realize that there is a difference between egoic will, and divine will.  You take care of your basic human and physical needs, and you also take care of your deeper spiritual needs.  You choose a destination, and you let Spirit choose the route.  Living and creating is a big love affair where you are supported and nurtured to the core of your being, because you are Divine.  The dance of life helps you remember this truth.

And now… for the steps to divine manifestation

  1. Know what you want.  State it clearly.  Feel it in your heart.  Focus on how you want to FEEL.  Let the human experience be a tool to give you those feelings that you choose for yourself.   Never mind what other people think you should want.  Never mind the roles you think you should play.  Never mind the stereotypes and the need to conform.  Dig deep in your heart, and bring out the diamond of what you truly want and desire.
  2. Align all your choices and decisions with your chosen feelings.  Does this job, volunteering experience, date opportunity, joint business project, girls’ night out, having kids….  does it make you feel the way you choose to feel?  Does it make you feel light, free, empowered, peaceful, energized, enlightened, fulfilled, joyful…  Allow for your core feelings to guide your choices.  There are so many opportunities and activities presented to you.  People will always have ideas for you.  You are the one who needs to choose what feels good, and what doesn’t.
  3. Say YES to what feels good.  Don’t just keep your wishes and dreams in your head; you will not likely manifest any of it if you do.  When you know something feels aligned, go with it.  You might not know where it is leading you; you might not know how it will end up; you might not know all the steps…  Just choose to trust your feelings, your intuition, and dance with life.  Similarly, learn to say no, and stand firmly against what makes you feel awful, weak, stuck, stagnant…  or any other emotion you don’t wish to experience.  Trust your “NO” gut instincts, too!  They are just as valid, necessary, and useful as the good feelings.  And please remember: when you decline an offer, a date, an opportunity – you don’t owe an explanation to anyone.  You don’t have to make up a story around it.  You don’t need to feel guilty and try to make it up.  “Thanks but no thanks” is sufficient.  How the other person reacts is totally their karma, not yours.  Let it go.
  4. Take ACTION!  Follow through with your decisions.  This is where you truly anchor divine energy into the 3D world: through your action!  No one is asking you to take a giant leap all at once; break it down into small actionable steps.  When I work with my clients’ Spirit Guides, their guidance is always within reach, always actionable, always loving and aligned with my clients’ wishes.  This is where you balance your devotion and meditation and all the time you spend in the beautiful spiritual realm, with real physical energy toward your goals.  This is where you take responsibility for your dreams, your goals, and your choices.  This is where you become a participant in the dance of life, and not a wallflower.  This is where life becomes fun, exciting, and magical – through your willing participation!



Does this demystify the process of manifestation for you, and your role in the great co-creation process?  I am passionate about this topic and could go on…  Maybe one day I’ll choose to write a book on this topic 😉

So here’s my offer to you now, and your chance to say YES to something your soul wants…  If you have this inner feeling or urge to…

  • get clear on your soulful gifts and talents
  • articulate and feel what it is that you really want
  • get a sense of direction in how to express yourself in a way that feels good and authentic
  • grow (or start) your business from where you can best serve humanity
  • learn which business tools or techniques would best support you
  • find that place of inner peace and harmony
  • reconnect with your inner strength and your own Priestess archetype
  • validate how you show up in relationships, and what you need to feel supported and nurtured
  • clarify how you can best support and nurture others from a place of sovereignty, and not a place of martyrdom


Then a Soul Profile Reading is a perfect offer for you now!

Spirit clearly asked me this morning to offer you a Soul Reading – for you to choose if you’re ready to say “YES” to you and to your time to shine.  I am following the 4 steps to manifestation:  I asked Spirit, in meditation, “How can I serve today?” and this idea was seeded in me.  I said yes to it; it feels good and aligned to my mission.  Then I took action and made a video, then this blog entry to share my offer with you; I didn’t just keep it in my head or saved it for “later”.  And now, I am surrendering.  I did my part; now I dance.  I trust that Spirit will lead you who feel called to change from the inside to have a greater impact on this world.  I trust that you will follow your instinct and your intuition.  I will respect your free will.  I will not pester you with endless ads.  I will not coerce you in taking out your credit card.  I will trust that if this offer feels good to you, that you will follow through.

What is this Soul Reading?  It’s a one-hour psychic session from the wisdom of your Akashic Records, where I access the “owner’s manual” of your soul to receive information on your unique blueprint; how you’re meant to show up in the world.  It will help you feel clear on your next step; in your life’s direction; in your business choices.  It will give you a sense of validation and inner peace.  It will help you reconnect with your own divinity, your own spark of life… and the Greater Spirit of Creation, too.

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Through me, Spirit is giving you an opportunity to say YES to you, to your best self, to your best life.  This is a small step towards all you can joyfully create.  Are you ready to dance?  I am ready to help you shine!

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