Why I stay up all night on Winter Solstice

I love the Winter Solstice!  In the past years, I transformed my energy around this time of year from one of disillusion and resentment to bubbling anticipation and gratitude.  I switched my focus from all the consumerism happening at this time of year, from all the “shoulds” and the obligations. I choose instead to take a good look at all my creations of the current year.  I work to release those energies that don’t serve my highest good, and I call in the energy with which I will work and create in the upcoming year.  I have lots of fun!

This year, I felt it right to share a process with others.  I created a “21 Days of Energy Cleansing Before the Winter Solstice” program on my Facebook page.  Every day since the beginning of December, I share one challenge that can help you transform your energy.  You’ll feel revitalized and ready to embrace the new year.  Are you participating in this program?  Remember to like my Facebook page and check in every day for the new challenge.  Scroll down and start from Challenge #1; it’s OK if the exercises take you past the Solstice!

This week for the Solstice – December 20-21 – I’ll be up all night for meditations, energy clearing, and art.  Why?  Because in ancient traditions people celebrated the longest night of the year.  There was both fear and joy: fear that the sun might not come back, and utter celebration in the morning when the sun came out again, and the days start getting longer!

Spiritually, we look deep into our shadows.  We heal old wounds.  We gather strength and learn how our wounds have made us stronger and more resilient.  Spiritually cleansed and invigorated, we get ready to create anew!



Why I do this all-night ritual

I do this first and foremost because I enjoy it, and it’s very sacred to me.  It’s my one very special night of the year completely devoted to me, my spirituality, and my energy work.  It’s important to me.  It helps me find more strength, resilience, and focus for the coming year.

As I mentioned above, this longest night of the year has been celebrated for thousands of years.  It is symbolic of conquering our fears.  It celebrates the return of the sun, longer days, and therefore blessings of abundance with the promise of an other year, an other harvest.  Do a quick research on all the holiday celebrations around the world at this time of year, and you’ll notice that most of them are centred on the return of the Light and promises of a brighter future.

To me, it’s important to celebrate, pray and meditate all night.  It’s a symbol of my commitment to grow through my darkest nights, my fears, my resistance.  It’s a symbol of my resilience.

Do you remember living through grief, heartbreak, depression, or trauma?  Did it just vanish at bedtime because you were tired?  In my experience, these feelings continue all night and day until you finally heal.  You’re here today because you’ve made it through your most difficult times — and that is something to celebrate!  Your resilience is cause for joy!  Let this longest, darkest night be the symbol of your breakthroughs, your healing, your continued journey on this earthly plane.  This process is called a Persephone journey – the Goddess who was abducted and brought to Hades, where she ultimately found her strength.  (More on Persephone HERE and HERE)

No, it’s not always convenient to stay up all night, especially on a school night.  No, it’s not easy to stay awake and alert all night.  Yes, it would be easier for me to go to bed when I get tired and then continue the next day.  But is life always convenient?  Is enlightenment convenient, and on-demand?  Is Spirit working with our calendar and earthly conception of time?

Staying up all night is an acknowledgement of forces greater than we are.  Of traditions older than we are.  Of energy in other dimensions that are not bound by our earthly concepts of bedtime, convenience, and cozy comfort.  Staying up all night and making it through morning, with all the difficulties of staying awake and making the conscious effort of communing with Spirit does take commitment.  It sends a strong signal to Spirit and your Guides that you are willing to work with them, and that you are ready to put in the effort required for your continued spiritual growth.  It marks a special moment in the yearly cycle of your life where you put in the extra effort and commitment.

It is for me a deep spiritual commitment, and therefore there are no half-measures.  It is not for the spiritually curious, but for the spiritually engaged.

This yearly ritual feels right for me.  It feels good.  It makes me feel strong, joyful, devoted and renewed.  That’s why I celebrate it all night, every year.

Do you wish to join me in this tradition?  Hop on over to my Facebook page where we’ll meet virtually every top of the hour during the night of Tuesday to Wednesday. (This year Winter Solstice is officially at 5:44AM on December 21st.)    Every hour through the night, I’ll be updating exercises and sharing my musings.  I’ll do Oracle Readings, clearing with the Akashic Records, dancing, and painting.  There will be deep meditations.  I’ll try to record this… although part of me is feeling the fear of stepping out of my comfort zone, letting others in my processes… and afraid of what I might look like at 3AM.  Will I even still make sense when I speak?  True to the spirit of the Winter Solstice, I am ready to work through these fears and will trust that it will all work out for the highest good.

Surrounding you in Love,