Why I’m tying a ribbon to a tree on February 2nd

What does a ribbon mean to you? Through the ages, ribbons have been tied (pun intended!) to the concept of “remembering”. There’s the old expression of “tying a ribbon on your finger” to remind you of something you said you’d do. There is also the expression of “following the thread” of your thoughts or actions to find the truth or root issue. Then there’s the custom of wearing ribbons of various colours to remind us of a cause.

In ancient mythology, ribbons and threads made reference to our lives and our many experiences. Some goddesses would weave our threads together, or tie our destiny to certain key events. At the end of our lives, they would cut the thread and our soul was free of the earthly body. It’s not a coincidence that ribbons have become a symbol of life events.

The life event I am celebrating on February 2nd is a spiritual one. In the pagan calendar, it is called “Imbolc”. It is the return of the goddess; the return of the promise of fertility; the promise of a new day, a new crop, new opportunities. In the northern hemisphere, days are getting longer and the sun shines brighter; it’s like the return of a romance between the sun-god and the earth-goddess.

This day is where I rededicate myself to my spiritual path. I have a conversation with the goddess in the form of the Celt Brigid. I meditate on my blessings, and on my goals for the upcoming year. I ask for her continued assistance in growing my healing gifts and business. In return for her help, I make a promise.

And to symbolize this promise, I tie a ribbon to a tree.

All year, this ribbon reminds me of what I set out to manifest with the help of the goddess. It reminds me that if I uphold my end of the agreement, she will also uphold her agreement to me. This ribbon reminds me of my continued co-creation with the divine.

Will you be tying a ribbon to a tree this year?