New Moon in Virgo
Ceremony with Goddess Artemis

For many of us, this time of year signifies the last days of summer. Children are going back to school. It’s a return to studies and routine. A new season, a new page turned, a life change, a new pace.

As spiritual women, it is important to notice and celebrate this transition. Stopping to take stock of the summer’s activities and focusing on the new projects ahead is essential. It is our connection with Nature and her cycles. Celebrating Moon cycles also brings us greater awareness of our own natural cycles. And this awareness – well, it makes us feel more human, and less like a robot, right? I remember when I worked for the government, with the long commute and impossible projects. I remember the stress. I remember doing, doing, doing… and the changes of seasons, the celebration of life events – it all seemed to happen all of a sudden, without signs. Life felt like it happened “TO” me. Is this feeling familiar to you?

With the New Moon, receive this invitation to reconnect as a Human Being – not a Human “Doing”. Take time to breathe, to relax. We are all sisters under the same moon; a moon who has seen many cycles, many tears, and many celebrations. As you stand under the Moon, feel the embrace of the Divine Mother, and the support of all your Sisters.

This cycle the New Moon is in Virgo. The New Moon is a time of self-reflection, going deep within to find comfort and wisdom. It’s also a time for letting go (no coincidence many start their menses on the New Moon!). It’s a good time to plant new thought-seeds for what you wish to bring to fruition.  As for Virgo, she deals with intelligence, logic, and earth-bound issues.  In this moon, she asks, “What logical next step can you take to grow your dream, your project, your business?

As I meditated on the Goddess Energy of this cycle, it is Artemis who came forth. She is an Ancient Greek Goddess, very likely more ancient than the Greek myths who tell her stories (and of course, those stories are told from the male perspective, she smirks, so don’t take every word written on her as truth).

Artemis is a very independent woman, who chooses her destiny. She helps women and children and supports their health and wellbeing. When we work with her, we can develop our inner strength and courage – especially when it comes to issues involving helping other women, the welfare of children, animals, and the environment. Perfect for all you healers, movers and shakers!

Today, I’m sharing a profound ceremony you can use to connect with the Moon and with Artemis.

There are a few things for you to prepare before you dive into the ritual!

  1. What is your intention? Where could you use Divine Wisdom? Where do you need help flexing your muscles of inner strength and courage? What old mental pattern or recurring negative thought do you choose to release so you can grow more into your Divine Aspect? Do you need help with studies, or with an issue you have with a child?
  2. Choose your sacred spot. Ideally, you would be outdoors in Nature… but Nature being cooler and very rainy lately, it’s perfectly fine to choose a room indoors where you can see the starts from the window. (Side note — if it rains, remember to collect rain water to prepare sacred mists and wash a few crystals.) Make sure it’s a spot where you will not be disturbed for at least 1 hour. It’s OK if pets participate in their own way in your ritual; Artemis is after all a Goddess of Nature and is usually surrounded by animals. Your pets will be adding to the energy, while receiving their own blessings and healing!
  3. Prepare your altar. Artemis is a Goddess of Nature, and the New Moon is often linked to black or deep indigo, with threads of silver. How can you reflect this in your altar cloth? Which items can you use to help you focus your thoughts and energy? I’ll be working with a black and silver altar cloth; silver candle holders, moonstone, carnelian, and tokens from wild animals I picked up during Nature Walks (feathers, antlers, clumps of fur…). I’ll be using white candles. As for the scent, I have chosen “Bad Witch” from the Wick Witch Candle Company – earthy scents of patchouli, sandalwood, musk, amber, sage, clementine and mango.
  4. Ready to start? Make sure other people in your house understand how important it is for you to have 1 hour of meditative time. Turn off your phone, cellphone and all other electronic devices. No need to insta-post your sacred time! It’s a time for you to reconnect within! Have all your supplies ready, extra matches in case the first one doesn’t work, and play music that speaks to your soul.  You might need tissues.  If there are any prayers, songs or intentions that you’d like to use and are afraid to forget… write them down and have them near you.
  5. Centre and ground yourself. Take in a deep breath to the count of 4; hold your breath to the count of 4; exhale to the count of 8. Repeat at least 3 times, or until you feel the surge of energy through you. Intend that this is a sacred hour, and that only Love, Light and Divine Wisdom will surround you. 
  This is Sacred Space; you are safe.
  6. Set your altar. Bring each object to your heart before setting in out, blessing it with Love. Place everything in a way that is reverent and conscious. Light your incense – but keep the candle unlit until later. When you’re done setting your altar, open your arms palms out, and stay still for a few minutes. Feel the energy being activate with your altar, and within you.
  7. Speak your intention; bring your hands to your heart. It’s best to speak from your heart. It could be something like this:

I am here tonight under the New Moon, where my sisters and mothers have stood for many cycles. I honour the cycles of Nature, and I honour my own cycles. Thank you, Artemis, for your presence here tonight. Thank you for walking with me, helping me choose a path that is in alignment with my truth. May I remember with kindness and Love my connection to all my sisters snd mothers. May I deepen into my extraordinary ability to persevere through challenges, doubt, and worry. May I live each moment with ease, grace, patience and compassion. May I remember that I am a sacred woman with deep wisdom. May I clearly understand the messages you have for me tonight, Artemis, that you might speak through all my senses, or through animal messengers. May I find appropriate actions to align my path to your infinite love and wisdom.

8.  The Ritual. Sit comfortably. Ground yourself, and feel the energy of your prayer and intention.

  • Breathe deeply. Feel the connection with all your sisters connecting with the New Moon on this night. Encircle our planet with Love.
  • Feel gratitude for Artemis’ presence. Feel her love and protection. Imagine her with all your senses. What does she look like? What is the sound of her voice? What is her vibration? What is her personal scent? Just breathe, and be open to clues of her presence. Don’t force the connection; allow it to BE.
  • Speak your Truth: what is it about your current challenges, doubt or worry that you are ready to release, to do differently, to change? What can you let go of, so that you may welcome more ease and flow? Ask your Higher Self and the Goddess: what ACTION can be a symbol of this release? If possible, do this action immediately, or, if it will take an other ceremony, make sure to write it down so you don’t forget! You’ll have until the next New Moon (28 days) to complete it.
  • How can you demonstrate more grace, patience and compassion to yourself and others? Ask your Higher Self and the Goddess: what ACTION can be a symbol of this increase in grace, patience and compassion? If possible, do this action immediately, or, if it will take an other ceremony, make sure to write it down so you don’t forget! You’ll have until the next New Moon (28 days) to complete it
  • Light your candle with a prayer that you remember your inner light, that you are a sacred woman with deep wisdom. Look into the dancing flame for a few breaths. Feel extra energy being lit and expanded within you. If you feel moved, allow your body to express itself through song, movement or dance.
  • Sit in silence. Receive messages and guidance the Artemis has for you. Write or draw as appropriate.

9.  Closing Prayer. Speak from your heart and express your gratitude. It could be something like this:

Artemis, thank you for being in sacred space with me tonight. Thank your for helping me remember my divine power to walk this path with confidence and grace. I am a willing and joyful partner & co-creator in this dance of life. Dear Self, I am so happy I chose to slow down, meditate and listen tonight, as the New Moon fills me with compassion and anticipation for the new projects and experiences ahead. I am learning to love myself deeper with every Moon Cycle. I am aligning further to my Inner Wisdom. I am opening more and more to Divine Guidance and the Way of the Goddess. And I am grateful that I never have to walk down this path alone, for you are always with me, as is the spirit of my sisters and the strength of Nature. And so it is. I now close this Sacred Space.

10.  Closing your Sacred Space. Take 3 long, slow deep breaths. Bow in reverence. You might even want to hug yourself for the gift of choosing this magical time with the Goddess. You will likely feel a shift in energy or a change in temperature – that is the magic being released! Depending on where you have set up your altar, you may gather the items with grace and care. Let the candle burn itself out in a safe place if possible, or else snuff it out. If your altar is in a safe spot like a windowsill, you might want to keep it under the moon for the next 3 nights before putting it away. It’s also a great time to place crystals under the New Moon for charging them with New Moon and Artemis’ energy.

I am surrounding you with Love, and I am looking to connecting with you under the New Moon.  Blessings of Joy and Abundance!

I’d love to know – did you enjoy this Ritual?  What was your experience?  Can you feel Artemis’ presence in your life?